3 Best Ways to Use Dual WhatsApp on Android in 2021

Last updated: 21 Jun 2021

Use Dual WhatsApp on Android
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WhatsApp is a platform with over 1.5 billion users, but being the most used messenger app, it does not offer to add another account. Almost every brand releases dual SIM phones, and it can be hard for users to manage two WhatsApp accounts. Until we don’t have a built-in way, we have other options. The blog post covers 3 ways t0 dual WhatsApp on any popular Android device.

Dual WhatsApp (Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Asus / Huawei)

How to Install Dual WhatsApp on Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Asus, and Huawei
Dual WhatsApp on Android

All the mentioned brands have built-in features. Follow the text to find your brand and learn how to activate the second WhatsApp on one of the above.

Xiaomi: Settings -> Dual Apps and tap on it -> WhatsApp

Oppo: Settings -> Clone Apps

Vivo: Settings -> App clone

Asus: Settings -> Twin Apps

Huawei: Settings -> App Twin

Dual WhatsApp (Nokia, HTC, LG / Motorolla)

Those brands do not support the feature of using the dual WhatsApp. But, we can use a third-party app. Dual Space is an app cloner. Parallel Space is another one, but Parallel Space doesn’t support Android 10 and 11. You might also need 64-Bit support of Dual Space, depending on your device.

Open the app and add apps by tapping on the add button. Find WhatsApp in the apps menu and import it. Once imported, you are free to use the second WhatsApp on your phone. Make sure to allow permissions to get the notifications.

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Dual Messenger

Two WhatsApp Accounts using Dual Messenger
Two WhatsApp Accounts using Dual Messenger

Samsung devices come with a feature called Dual Messenger. Although the name represents Messenger, you can use most of the messaging services.

What is Dual Messenger? According to the Samsung website, Dual Messenger is a tool that offers to use a second internet messaging service. Follow the below steps to enable the dual WhatsApp account:

  • Settings -> Advanced Features -> Dual Messenger -> WhatsApp. Once done, the second WhatsApp app will be available in the apps menu.

The feature is limited to certain models. If you can’t find the option, your device might not be compatible with Dual Messenger.

Secure Folder

Two WhatsApp Accounts Using Secure Folder
Two WhatsApp Accounts Using Secure Folder

Secure Folder, previously called Samsung Knox, allows you to use a different Android OS on your Samsung device. The primary reason for this tool is separating home and work tasks. It is available on most Galaxy devices, including and after Galaxy S6.

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Activate Samsung Secure Folder

By default, it comes enabled, but if you can’t find it for any reason, then enable it in the settings.

  1. Set up the Samsung account.
  2. Settings -> Lock screen & security -> Secure Folder. Login with your account when enabling it.
  3. The shortcut is also available in the notification panel.


WhatsApp has been downloaded over 5 billion times, but the company has not released an official way to use dual WhatsApp. The article covered the easiest ways. Please let me know your views in the comments so we can discuss more.

12 thoughts on “3 Best Ways to Use Dual WhatsApp on Android in 2021”

  1. Hi, well, to be honest, neither parallel space nore Dual space are working under Android 10. Parallel space came back to me and wrote that there is big issue, will take a long time. Any idea what I could use?

  2. Hi, I recently bought One plus Nord last week. I’m not able to find or activate the first widget for the “parallel what’s app”… The widget options for parallel what’s app are WA camera and 1×1 WA chat but not main list of unread messages widget. How do Ito get it ? Will be grateful for your advice!


  3. Whenever I go to whatsapp on secure folder it’s aks to verify ..so I did it …then everything is OK.. but when go to whatsapp without secure folder it’s say u were logged out

  4. Works great, but one question. When I try and share a web address URL to WhatsApp it automatically sends it from my second WhatsApp account, which is a private account I do not want to be public to everyone. How can I force “share” to send from my main WhatsApp?

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