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WhatsApp vs. Google Chat

WhatsApp vs. Google Chat

There are several personal communication apps, and WhatsApp and Google Chat are two of the famous ones. What makes them different, and which one should you use?

The WhatsApp vs. Google Chat blog post is all you need to understand the two fully.

Quick overview

WhatsApp vs Google Chat

Both WhatsApp and Google Chat are free instant messaging apps supporting file sharing and video calling features.

WhatsApp focuses more on personal usage, while Google Chat can be used personally and professionally.



WhatsApp Interface

Disappearing messages: WhatsApp supports temporary messages that disappear after 7 days.

End-to-end encrypted: Google Chat uses TLS Encryption to protect your communication, while WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted.

Multiple files send support: Google Chat supports sending one file at a time, while you can send multiple on WhatsApp.

Native desktop app: WhatsApp offers a native desktop app. Google Chat can be installed as a Progressive Web App on common browsers.

Archive groups: WhatApp supports archiving groups.

Google Chat

Google Chat Interface
Google Chat Interface

Extended file size limit: WhatsApp has a 100 MB upload limit, while Google Chat has 200 MB.

Extended video call limit: WhatsApp supports 8 group participants, whereas, in Google Chat, up to 25 users can join video calls.

Screen share (desktop): Google Chat offers to share the computer’s screen with the webcam.

Guests: This feature is more business-sided, but you can have guests to talk about projects and stuff.

Cloud save: Files on Google Chat are saved on the cloud (your Google storage), so you can access those on any platform. WhatsApp saves on the device, so if you lose access, the media is deleted too.

Web/desktop independent of mobile: With WhatsApp, you must have an internet connection on your phone to use WhatsApp web or the desktop app. Google Chat can be used independently on a desktop PC.

Integrated with other Google services: Google Chat is integrated with other apps such as Gmail and Meet.

Image preview: You don’t need to download media to view it on your phone.

Meeting features: Google Chat has meeting features to have scheduled video conferences.

Same features

Mention: Both support mentioning others in groups.

Dark theme: You can enable the dark theme in both.

WhatsApp vs. Google Chat: Signing up

Google Chat does not ask for many options if you already have a Google account. The main difference is that you don’t have to verify your number.

WhatsApp, on the contrary, requests to verify your number. Once done, you can insert your name and attach your profile picture.

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Voice and video calling

Video calling on Google Chat
Video calling on Google Chat

As mentioned, you can voice and video call individuals and groups. Google Chat uses Google Meet to voice and video call. On desktop OS, you can share your computer screen to collaborate on projects.

WhatsApp supports fewer participants, so for group calls with up to 25 people, Google Chat can be used.

Supported file formats

File Attachments in WhatsApp
File Attachments in WhatsApp

Both support sending and receiving many file types. WhatsApp supports:

  • Images
  • video
  • Audio
  • Location
  • Documents
  • Contact information

Google Chat, along with JPEG and PNG, offers HEIC, BMP, and GIF formats. If a file format is not supported, you can download the file to your device.

As mentioned above, Google Chat has a 200 MB limit, so you can share large files without using a third-party app. Finally, Google Chat is integrated with Drive, so sharing Drive files is quicker.

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This part of WhatsApp vs. Google Chat is a bit different. WhatsApp offers WhatsApp Business for businesses to chat with customers effectively. Some notifiable options of WhatsApp Business are:

  • Auto Reply
  • Quick Reply
  • Customer Labels
  • Collections
  • Payments (limited regions)
  • AI to get orders without any human assistance

Google Chat, on the other hand, is for companies to communicate. A business can set up Google Chat where all the employees can hang out.

Like WhatsApp, Google Chat is free, but businesses can sign up for Google Workspace, making the app more powerful. Some great options of Google Chat are:

  • Spaces
  • Rooms
  • Powerful search to search across all Google apps
  • Guests
  • Bots

Which is for you?

As discussed above, WhatsApp is especially for personal use. It uses your phone number, which is less effective than email because people can send messages to random phone numbers.

I honestly believe that Google Chat is the messaging program you should consider. It also integrates with Google apps to offer additional features, and if not today, this may be beneficial in the future.



WhatsApp and Google Chat are two great tech brands, but of course, using both is not an ideal choice. I hope the article WhatsApp vs. Google Chat helped you choose only one app.

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Angela P Howard

Tuesday 18th of October 2022

I love Google chat, it's better when you have friends that doesn't live in the country. In the United States. We can Google Chat all day, it doesn't pick up background noise, there's so much of clarity in it, I never tried to compare it with anyone else.


Saturday 18th of June 2022

google keeps on inviting me to turn on chat features. it says; use without chat features and then under that there is an 'Agree' box. I have recently installed Whatsapp. There is no way to get rid of the Chat invitation screen other than by turning my phone off. This is very annoying. Can anyone advise me please?


Friday 15th of July 2022

@Diana, I don’t like chat! I’ve had hangouts and it’s so easy to use. Yesterday it wouldn’t switch me to another hangouts. It took me to chat and when I tried to get into another hangouts (under different email Addresses) it switched all my hangouts to chat.