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Sygic vs. Google Maps

Sygic and Google Maps Icon
Sygic vs. Google-Maps

Sygic may not support public transport, but it is a service packed with powerful AI. Google Maps, on the other hand, is impressive and famous.

Both have been working on different features. For example, Sygic recently added support for electric cars, and Google Maps has improved personalizing and group planning.

How both are different, and which one is better where? In this blog post, we will compare Sygic vs. Google Maps. The comparison covers many features and, at last, which one is better where.


Sygic and Google Maps Routing Image
Sygic vs. Google Maps – Routing

Routing is essential because you don’t want to get stuck in traffic. Google Maps gets the data from Android devices, the app itself, and many other GPS-enabled devices worldwide. Sygic uses TomTom Traffic navigation, and the data is updated every two minutes from over 400 million vehicles.

To find a prominent service, I took a test drive of 9 kilometers (5.5 Miles). Take a look at the below table for the results of the test drive.

ServiceETA on startETA on endDist. on start
Sygic16:4216:509.4 km
Google Maps16:4516:509.4 km
Road trip results

Regarding the traffic, Google Maps was more accurate, while both could not cope with the real-time traffic changes. Sygic has a feature of suggesting if a better route is available, which can help sometimes.


Sygic comes in a few languages, including English, UK, US, Deutsch, Italiano, etc. Google Maps offers a wide range of voice options, including English, Deutsch, Eesti, Filipino, Italiano, Magyar, Norsk, and Suomi.

Regarding voice command, Google Maps is better. Google Maps voice navigation only guides when needed, while Sygic voice navigation guides even when no turning is required.

Offline navigation

Google Maps allows downloading maps of about 70 kilometers of the area. You can download multiple areas for free. You can also toggle on/off the offline navigation.

With Sygic, it depends on your plan. You can download the purchased regions. Sygic reported in an experiment that Google Maps is more likely to consume more storage regarding storage.

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The second most essential section of Sygic vs. Google Maps is reporting. The more features the service has, the better. Take a look at the below table for all the supported features.

FeatureSygicGoogle Maps
Speed camera✔️
Speed limit✔️
Vehicle’s speed✔️✔️
Static speed camera✔️
Mobile speed camera✔️
Road closure✔️
Object on road✔️
Disabled vehicle✔️
Fuel prices✔️
Disabled vehicle✔️
Reporting tools comparison

Transit options

There is no comparison regarding transit options. Sygic is only for private vehicles, while Google Maps supports cars, bikes, motorbikes, public transport, cycle, walk, taxi, rideshare, etc. Some of location-dependent and may not be available in all the regions.

Sygic store

Sygic offers a store where users can purchase add-ons. It comes with a handful of add-ons mentioned below.

  1. Dashcam
  2. Real view navigation
  3. Cockpit
  4. Head-up display

Each add-on can be purchased separately as well as with plans.

Other features

The last comparable section in Sygic vs. Google Maps is about other features. Here we will compare some of the unique elements of both.


  • A small window visible on the right side of the screen shows how many lanes are total and which lane the driver should be driving.
  • The parking spot feature shows nearby parking when you get close to the destination.
  • The Parking feature remembers where you parked your car.
  • SOS feature shows your location, nearest police station, hospital, petrol station, and pharmacy.
  • Journey previewing is for previewing your journey.

Google Maps

  • Lanes feature shows lanes on the top at an intersection
  • The Total lanes option shows how many lanes in total and which lane the driver should choose.
  • Businesses feature allows finding the information for millions of businesses, including their business hours, reviews, ratings, photos, etc.
  • Street view is for street-view and real-time street view to experience true navigation.


  • The Nearby places option shows nearby places on the map while driving.
  • The Activity (timeline) tool saves your driving activity, while Sygic has a similar tool called Sygic Travel book.

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Which one is better where?

  • For public transport, Google Maps.
  • Google Maps is better regarding traffic, but it always stays on the route, which was suggested initially.
  • Sygic is the way to go if you want to stay away from safety cameras.

The most important question is whether you want to spend money. Sygic is not free, which is a fine line between Sygic and Google Maps.


Both are great and can be used on different occasions. I hope the article Sygic vs. Google Maps helped. Feel free to share your views in the comments below to discuss more.

Richard Drew

Wednesday 1st of September 2021

At work we have sygic and it gets completely lost it sends you on a mystery tour than decides often much later which way you should have gone, cannot find places they are just totally missing, sends you in the wrong direction then minutes later tells you to do a U turn or use exit 4 on a roundabout which is a u turn, gets road speeds wrong, is not up to date on road closures IE Bicycles only at various points in london, tries to send you down one way streets the wrong way, tries to send you through bus only sections of roads, actually mostly pretty useless as it often says straight on when no road actually exists, it seems to join up roads that have no connection mainly due to a row of houses in he way, if it is so good why does it make so many errors, is it because the maps are updated only periodically. Personally Waze is so much better and it understands the road changes in london within days not months later.


Monday 19th of July 2021

is a syginc a better that waze and google maps , what type of maps use? how I know if syginc is really useful...


Tuesday 20th of July 2021

It can perform better than both (depending on the location). You can install Sygic and get 7 days free trial.

Brian JOHN Kelly

Thursday 8th of July 2021

Hi Just purchased premium version Sygic My problem when I give a destination by voice it flashes on the screen then disappears I then have to type the destination...absolutely bloody useless when driving I'm sure there's a simple solution...any help appreciated



Thursday 8th of July 2021

The problem might be because of a number of factors. Check the below settings.

1. Microphone permission 2. Network availability

It could also be a glitch in the app, and for that to be fixed, we will have to write to the company or wait for the next update.

Luc Van Lishout

Monday 14th of June 2021

The new release 20.5 is a major drawback: missing the hold and move waypoint makes changing multiple waypoint routes unworkable. Also creating routes has become cumbersome. Sygic had a major advantage compare to Google maps with the rear of planning multiple waypoints. It has now reduced itself to the same planning as google maps. What is the advantage of this new release if you can't offer what it could before? Terrible, just terrible. And no reply from helpdesk, besides the standard. I'll give them a few months and then I'll switch

Vit Repa

Monday 24th of May 2021

Hi I do have Sygic for last 5 years Always took me off from motorway and strait back on it again in Germany in the same spot. It wasn’t a new part of the motorway. Many times in UK took Me the narrow Rd to safe 30 second. Area I did know to well it took me longer way and more difficult. I always thought it is just one of the hiccups in technology. Over all navigates me, shows me exact lines to be, speed cameras even if there is variations of the speed. Till somebody shows be better app I will stick with it.