Sygic vs. Google Maps (2021) | The Final Showdown

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Sygic vs. Google-Maps

Sygic may not support public transport, but it a service packed with powerful AI. Google Maps, on the other hand, is impressive and famous. Both have been working on different features. For example, Sygic recently added support for electric cars and Google Maps has been improving in personalising and group planning.

How both are different and which one is better where? In this blog post, we are going to compare Sygic vs. Google Maps. The comparison covers many features and at last, which one is better where.

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Sygic and Google Maps Routing Image
Sygic vs Google Maps – Routing

Routing is essential because you don’t want to stuck in traffic. Google Maps gets the data from Android devices, the app itself, and many other GPS enabled devices around the world. Sygic uses TomTom Traffic navigation, and the data is updated every two minutes from over 400 million vehicles.

To find a prominent service, I took a test drive of 9 kilometres (5.5 Miles). Take a look at the below table for the results of the test drive.

ServiceETA on startETA on endDist. on startNo. of reroutes
Sygic16:4216:509.4 km2
Google Maps16:4516:509.4 km4
Road trip results

Regarding the traffic, Google Maps was more accurate, while both could not cope with the real-time traffic changes. Sygic has a feature of suggesting if a better route is available, which can help sometimes.


Sygic comes in a few languages, including English UK, US, Deutsch, Italiano and a couple more. Google Maps offers a wide range of voice options, including English, Deutsch, Eesti, Filipino, Italiano, Magyar, Norsk, Suomi.

Regarding voice command, Google Maps is better. Google Maps voice navigation only guides at the needed times, while Sygic voice navigation guides even when no turning is required.

Offline navigation

Google Maps allows downloading maps of about 70 kilometres of the area at a time. You can download multiple areas for free. You can also toggle on/off the offline navigation.

With Sygic, it depends on your plan. You can download the purchased regions. Regarding the storage, Sygic reported in an experiment that Google Maps is more likely to consume more storage.

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The second most essential section of Sygic vs. Google Maps is reporting. The more features the service has, the better. Take a look at the below table for all the supported features.

FeatureSygicGoogle Maps
Speed camera✔️
Speed limit✔️
Vehicle’s speed✔️✔️
Static speed camera✔️
Mobile speed camera✔️ User-provided
Crash✔️ User-provided
Congestion✔️ User-provided
Roadworks✔️ User-provided
Road closure✔️ User-provided
Object on road✔️ User-provided
Disabled vehicle✔️ User-provided
Fuel prices✔️
Disabled vehicle✔️ User-provided
Reporting tools comparison

Transit options

There is no comparison regarding transit options. Sygic is only for private vehicles, while Google Maps supports car, bike, motorbike, public transport, cycle, walk, taxi, rideshare etc. Some of location-dependent and may not be available in all the regions.

Sygic store

Sygic offers a store where users can purchase add-ons. It comes with a handful of add-ons mentioned below.

  1. Dashcam
  2. Real view navigation
  3. Cockpit
  4. Head-up display

Each add-on can be purchased separately as well as with plans.

Other features

The last comparable section in Sygic vs Google Maps is about other features. Here we will compare some of the unique elements of both.


  • A small window: A small window visible on the right side of the screen shows how many lanes are in total and which lane the driver should be driving.
  • Parking spot: When you get close to our destination, the app shows the nearest parking.
  • Parking: Sygic remembers where you park your car.
  • SOS: The feature shows your location, nearest police station, hospital, petrol station, and pharmacy.
  • Journey previewing: Sygic offers to preview the journey.

Google Maps

  • Lanes: Google Maps shows lanes on the top at an intersection
  • Total lanes: It shows how many lanes in total and which lane the driver should choose.
  • Businesses: Find the information for millions of businesses, including their business hours, reviews, ratings, photos etc.
  • Street view: Street-view and real-time street view feature to experience true navigation.


  • Nearby places: Both show nearby places on the map while driving.
  • Activity: Google Maps Timeline tool saves your driving activity, while Sygic has a similar tool called Sygic Travel book.

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Still not sure? Take a look at the comparison video. This video covers basic functionalities and how both perform on the road.

Sygic vs. Google Maps | Video
Sygic vs. Google Maps (video plays in a new tab)

Which one is better where?

  • For public transport, Google Maps.
  • Google Maps is better regarding traffic, but it always stays on the route, which was suggested initially.
  • Sygic is the way to go if you want to stay away from safety cameras.

The most important question is whether you want to spend money. Sygic is not free, which is a fine line between Sygic and Google Maps.


Both are great and can be used on different occasions. I hope the article Sygic vs. Google Maps helped. Feel free to share your views in the comments below so we can discuss more.

24 thoughts on “Sygic vs. Google Maps (2021) | The Final Showdown”

  1. Nice comparison. Completely agree sygic is better overall. Funny thing happens on one of my tablets, essentially there was a sygic product that they pulled and I’m sure you’ve seen how their navigation apps are so similar to each other with relatively minor differences. I think mine is called sygic taxi which they no longer provide and since they pulled it from the play store when I was in the middle of a free trial on my rooted tablet, it just never stopped the professional / full set of features so thankfully I have this psychic taxi products unlimited without even having to pay for it. Just an anecdote I thought I would share.

    1. La recensione è molto di parte, a favore di Maps. Non parla, per fare un esempio, dei Punti di interesse, dei messaggi personalizzabili e altre particolarità che rendono Sygic molto più interessante di Maps. Le mappe, per esempio, se devi fare un lungo viaggio, devi sapere quali scaricare preventivamente perché su strada potresti trovarti senza rete.

      1. Ho Sygic da almeno 4 anni preso perchè spesso vado in zone non coperte da rete cellulare.
        Putroppo mi ha messo più di una volta in situazioni disagiate spedendomi per strade che poi si sono rilevate vere “mulattiere” e pericolose da percorrere tanto che sono dovuto più volte tornare sui miei passi utilizzango GMaps.

        Ho preso tutti gli add-on (costano poco e mi prude sempre il tasto acquista) ma in pratica resta sempre inutilizzato.

        1. Ogni app ha alti e bassi. Google Maps è considerato accurato, ma a volte vedo che Sygic e altre app funzionano meglio di Google Maps.

          Every app has ups and downs. Google Maps is considered to be accurate, but still, sometimes I see Sygic and other apps performing better than Google Maps.

  2. I am just investigating sygic as I am told it can connect to my Ford Sync3 infotainment system. However there seem to be 2 completely separate apps?? Can you shed any light on this?

    1. Hi, Chris. There is a separate app Sygic Car Connected Navigation, but I have never tried that. Sygic gives seven days of a free trial. You can try installing and see if it works for you

  3. Donald Schoengold

    As long as you download the area (read country or state) maps, Sygic works offline seamlessly. Google does not work offline as well.


    1. Madhsudhan Khemchandani

      Thanks, Sarina. I did not know that. But, it should be transferable. I suppose that is one of the reasons to earn more $!

  4. Google Map which I used for my long travels has a problem atleast in Indian roads. It tooks the road which is good for two wheeler and calculate the shortest path. It could be a nightmare for a car sometime. I landed up many time that somehow reached in a route where only one car can enter and you cannot go back. Only to save 5 mins it can reroute you from Nantional Highway to a village road where it is narrow……dangerous. I dont know about sygic.


    I travel off road or in areas without internet. I understand the download maps function for Google, Gaia, OsmAnd a few others. I have only found GPS apps will only do point to point (as the crow flies) navigation without internet connection. Question though, can yours route and snap to roads/USFS road without an internet connection?

    1. For USFS, I would go for an app specially designed for off road, and which can work without a connection. Here in Australia, there are some paid apps but not sure about the US. Both Google Maps and Sygic are capable of working offline, but I’m afraid they might not be as accurate as other specially designed apps.

  6. There are too many Unknown destinations on Sygic, you can add those locations if you need to come again. Google Map may pay motorbikes to survey, I had to back off so long way in the narrow lane, expected to get the shortest way.

  7. Hi, I use Sygic truck for both a truck and a bus. Google doesn’t offer the ability to select a route based on vehicle weights or dimensions. In Australia it is common to have a road marked “no vehicles over 3 tonnes, buses excepted”. Sygic doesn’t understand the difference and avoids those roads even when set for a bus.

    1. The concept of truck directions is a unique thing and it works great, but a small app mistake can lead to many real-time problems and trucks and buses are not very friendly when it comes to driving in narrow roads.

  8. We have driven all over the US using a Garmin nuvi. Now our eyes could use a larger screen than Garmin offers and I have been considering a tablet with either Google maps or Sygic. Just this morning with Google I had to download a map for a destination less than 50 miles away. That is not acceptable! With Garmin all the maps I could ever need are already loaded. Does Sygic also have the entire US preloaded or, like Google, does it require constant down loading?

    1. The first time you install Sygic, you can’t use it without downloading the maps. You can download a city or a whole country. Considering the statement, you can download the US map at once.

  9. Hi,
    Do you have any idea when Sygic will be available on the Android Auto platform? I know Google opened up their source code to both Sygic and Tom Tom. How long and what must be done regarding this compatibility? Thanks for any info.

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