3 Ways to Fix Case Blinking Red Light on Galaxy Buds/IconX

Whether you have Galaxy Gear IconX or Galaxy Buds, the red light blinking issue is prevalent. This post focuses on Galaxy IconX, but the below methods also work on Galaxy Buds.

I encountered this issue on the second day of buying IconX 2018. It took me an hour to find the solution, but you don’t have to waste an hour. The article covers how to fix the LED light flashing issue.

To find out what can cause this issue, I tried to make this blinking issue happen. I found three possible causes and how to fix them.

Why do LED lights flash?

According to the manual, if the red LED flashes, the charging disables (most probably because of environmental problems). It can be anything, like temperature, water, or dust. But, in most cases, there is one thing which most people do, but they don’t know.

Checking the wingtips to fix the issue

The simple solution for me was that I was applying the wingtips wrong. In my case, I was using the left wingtip on the right earbud and the same for the right one. On each wingtip, you’ll find the side printed text. If you have changed the wingtips, then make sure that both are n the correct side.

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 LED Flashing Fix 1
Samsung Gear IconX 2018 LED Flashing Fix 1

Sticking a paper to apply force

If the above method did not fix, try placing a paper in the case. If the charging contacts are not connected properly, the light will flash. Sticking a paper will give help the buds connect to charging contacts. Check the below image.

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 LED Flashing Fix 2
Samsung Gear IconX 2018 LED Flashing Fix 2

Removing the wingtips completely

While finding a solution, I tried to charge them without the wingtips. The solution worked. The reason was that the wingtips take some room and may stop charging contacts from connecting. Removing wingtips can help them touch the charging contacts.


I hope one of the methods worked. Let me know if one worked. Also, if you have any other way to fix this issue, please let me know.

30 thoughts on “3 Ways to Fix Case Blinking Red Light on Galaxy Buds/IconX”

  1. Thanks for the solution. The earbuds are charging OK now. Don’t know how long it would have taken to fine the solution without the video

  2. Thanks MK, the solution for me at least, was to interchange the wing support that was not align with the safety support. It also fits better with greater confort to my ears also. Great video, great article, thanks again

  3. Hi does anyone have an issue where after fully charging your earbuds the left earbud drains much faster even when its placed in a fully charged charging case.

    After an hour or so the right bud will be at 100% but the left would have drained to say 40%.

    Very frustrating as the left bud eventually drains the charging case in a day or so

    1. That seems like a problem with the bud itself. You can try resetting the bud(s). Hopefully, it’ll fix. Otherwise, there is a battery issue with the bud.

  4. M K, great post, thank you. I didn’t realize that the wingtips are side specific. Swapped and flashing gone.

    it was driving me crazy. Thank you for your help.

  5. Thanks I put the wing tips the to the wrong buds after cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol and cotton buds to remove the grit haha cheers have a good one

    1. Sorry to hear that. Have you tried resetting the Galaxy buds? That might help. If not, then there is a technical problem with your buds. You should contact Samsung and see if they can help you out.

  6. So my right earbud will not charge. When in the case the LED light is red. This is after charging. I tried to reset the buds but the option is gray in samsung wearable. Not sure what to do next. Please help.

  7. The same issue right one not working( no connect and charge 0 , charge case still red light and inside also red light on. Reset option can’t touch it

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