7 Best Buy Now, Pay Later Apps in 2021

7 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps
7 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Buy now, pay later has changed the way we shop. It has given us more control in understanding and managing the funds. There are plenty of buy now and pay later apps, so how do you decide which one to choose? The blog post helps you decide by covering the 7 best buy now, pay later apps in 2021.

Quick overview

Buy Now, Pay Later Comparison Table
Buy Now, Pay Later Apps Comparison Table


QuadPay App
QuadPay App
  • Availability: US & Canada
  • Expected limit: $350

Owned by Zip Co, QuadPay is available in the US and Canada. It uses the simple procedure of four equal fortnightly payments.

QuadPay goes one step ahead by offering a virtual card that can be used in stores where a Visa card is accepted, which is a great option because Visa is used more than Mastercard and others in the US. You can also use QuadPay online and in-store in the participant stores.

What is the initial limit is not listed on the official website, but from my viewpoint, it would be about $1000.


Klarna App
Klarna App
  • Availability: US, Europe, Australia
  • Expected limit: $1000

Klarna uses a different strategy by offering a ghost card, which can be used on thousands of stores, including Amazon, eBay, and local stores online. The drawback of Klarna is that it only works online, and you can only shop in the Klarna app.

It works to go to a website in the Klarna app, log in with you your normal account, and add an item to the cart. On the cart page, Klarna automatically detects the amount and creates a ghost card. You can also manually input the money.

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You pay the money with the ghost card, and then Klarna charges you every fortnight. The first payment is the day of the purchase, and you get six weeks to pay back the whole amount.

Klarna is available in over 15 countries. Initially, you get about $1,000, but the limit can be increased after some time.

Zip Pay

Zippay App
Zippay App
  • Availability: UK, Australia, New Zealand
  • Expected limit: $350 – $500

Zip Pay offers to buy now and pay at your speed. Like its child company QuadPay, Zippay offers a virtual card that can be used on thousands of stores supporting Visa in Australia.

Besides using it as a card, you can check out thousands of stores offering Zip as a payment method.

Zip comes with an easy to understand strategy in which you pay back anytime you want. Until the debt is not cleared, you are charged $6 per month. If you pay back within a month, you will not be overcharged, but you pay the monthly fee after the first month.

Zip can also be used to BPay, which is the standard payment method and stuff in Australia.

Zip offers a limit of in-between $350 and $1,000 in Australia, and it does a credit check before selecting the limit. If you get a lower limit, you can request an increase after six months. The app also sends a notification when you are eligible.


Afterpay App
Afterpay App
  • Availability: US, Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand
  • Expected limit: $350 – $500

The most popular buy now and pay later apps, is the first to begin the journey. Afterpay is available in multiple countries. The service is called Clearpay in the UK.

Afterpay offers to purchase items in-store and online and payback in four equal payments. The first payment is on the first day, and the service offers in-between $500 and $1500 to spend online and in-store.

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It does not offer any card system, so the only stores it works with are the stores that offer Afterpay as a payment method. You can use your account details to shop online and use the barcode generated in the app to shop in-store.


Affirm Web Calculator
Affirm Web Calculator
  • Availability: US
  • Expected limit: $500 – $5000

Affirm is only available in the US, and it offers easy monthly instalments. You can pay it back in 3 months, 6 months, or even in 12 months. You pay the interest, though. Affirm is not like other services. You can use it for big purchases like your laptop and your phone.

The website comes with a calculator which shows how much you will be paying in a certain time period.

The service is available in thousands of stores, and you can use their app to purchase items or choose Affirm as the payment method on the participant stores.


Pay With Sezzle
Pay With Sezzle
  • Availability: US, Canada
  • Expected limit: $500

Sezzle is available in the US and Canada, and it uses a simple approach like Afterpay. You pay the first payment on the purchase day, and the rest three are every fortnight.

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The service has over 1.8 million customers and is offered in over 20,000 stores. You also have the flexibility to use Sezzle in-store and online.


Paybright Payment Plans
Paybright Payment Plans
  • Availability: Canada
  • Expected limit: $500 – $2000

PayBright is the last app on this list, and it’s only available in Canada. The core feature is the same, but it works slightly different than some of the mentioned apps.

PayBright comes with two options:

  1. Pay four fortnightly payments.
  2. Use the monthly option, which gives you up to 60 months to clear your debts.

The second method is for big purchases, and of course, you pay interest.


Still not sure which one to go with? Watch the video for the best buy now, pay later apps in 2021. All the apps are mentioned in the video, and you get to see them in action.

Wrap up

The blog post 7 best buy now, pay later apps covered the essential services. I hope it helped you to decide. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.

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