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21 Best Canva Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails

21 Best Canva Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails

There are over 6,000 fonts in Canva. How to decide on what to use for your YouTube thumbnail?

This is the guide you need if you are looking for the best Canva font for YouTube thumbnails because the article covers the best fonts.

Cantora One

Best Canva Fonts for YouTube Thumbnail
Cantora One Font

The first best Canva font for YouTube thumbnails is Cantora One. The slightly curly font is perfect for entertaining, surprising, and shocking video thumbnails.


Best Canva Font for YouTube Thumbnail
B612 Canva Font

B612 is a camera app and one of the best fonts for YouTube thumbnails. The font with an echo, shadow, or lift effect looks great on YouTube.

Montserrat Classic

Montserrat Classic Free Canva Font
Montserrat Classic Free Canva Font

Montserrat Classic has the word classic in it, so nothing is surprising to expect that it is one great addition to your YouTube font list. Try it on your popular videos.


ABeeZee Canva Font
ABeeZee Canva Font

I went a bit far with this one. I tried creating a viral video thumbnail that we see with millions of views. ABeeZee is not the only font, but if you want to add one word, you can choose this font.


Best Canva Font for YouTube Thumbnail
Anton Canva Font

Then we have Anton. The free Canva font has a classic style that can be used to add additional value to the thumbnail. The font works best with the free echo effect.

Dosis Extra Bold

Dosis Extra Bold Free Font
Dosis Extra Bold

I use Dosis Extra Bold on my tutorial video thumbnails. You can see how this font with the Shadow effect stands out. It almost looks like the thumbnail is in 3D.


Norwester Canva Font for YouTube
Norwester Canva Font

This one is a bold font that pops out when users see your video thumbnail.

Norwester is a popular font I have used on my YouTube channel multiple times. The current text has the Shadow effect, but other effects can also be used.

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Barlow Medium

Barlow Medium Canva Font
Barlow Medium Canva Font

Barlow Medium has a unique touch. With this font, you can shrink the letter spacing or spread it wide; the text looks good. Please find it in the free Canva font library.


Blogger Canva Font
Blogger Canva Font

The Blogger font is best suited for guides and tutorial YouTube videos. Unlike some fonts on this list, you can change the word case and show a simple text displaying the video information.

Archivo Black

Archivo Black Canva Free Font
Archivo Black Canva Free Font

Some popular YouTubers, including Film Booth, use a similar font, so why not try it in your videos and see if it can increase the click-through rate? Archivo Black is free in the Canva font library.

League Spartan

Best Canva Font for YouTube Thumbnail
League Spartan Font

League Spartan is both uppercase and lowercase font that looks great in uppercase.

The image contains the League Spartan text with the shadow effect applied. The font and effect combination gives a bit of a 3D look.

Blueberry Outline + League Spartan

Blueberry Outline + League Spartan Font
Blueberry Outline + League Spartan Font

Why does it have to be one font? This Blueberry Outline and League Spartan font mixture best separate the main word from the rest of the text. Try on designs with multiple pieces of text.


Best Canva Fonts for YouTube Thumbnail
Bitter Free Font

I like cars, but if you like to showcase something, you can:

  • Add a rectangle over the image
  • Change its color to black
  • Reduce its opacity slider to 30 or 40
  • Add the Bitter font text with the echo effect on the top

You will have a stunning YouTube thumbnail made in Canva.

Barlow Condensed Bold

Barlow Condensed Bold Font
Barlow Condensed Bold Font

The next best Canva font for YouTube thumbnails is Barlow Condensed Bold. The bold font helps users read your text easily. It can be used for tutorial videos.

Best fonts for YouTube: Arvo

Arvo Canva Font
Arvo Canva Font

We have mostly covered the Sans Serif fonts, but here is one for Sarif lovers. The bold Arvo font can be used for any video type. It is free on the Canva font directory.

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Hertical Canva Font
Hertical Font

Hertical is a classic bold uppercase font that looks great without any effect. You can try the echo effect that gives a dark shadow, but the font looks solid.

I recommend using it if you have a few words because its heavy nature won’t let you add much to the thumbnail.

Open Sans Bold

Open Sans Bold Canva Font
Open Sans Bold Canva Font

I must confess that this image needs some work, but believe me, Open Sans Bold is one of the popular free fonts right now.

You can use it on any YouTube video thumbnail because its nature quickly grabs the viewer’s attention.

Panton Bold + Raleway Heavy

Panton Bold + Raleway Heavy Font
Panton Bold + Raleway Heavy Font

Here is the second font combination, perfect if you want two similar fonts.

Panton Bold and Raleway Heavy look the same except for the bold weight. You can use the font to highlight the main word of the phrase.

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Squad Bold

Squad Bold Canva Font
Squad Bold Canva Font

I like making tutorial videos, and if you are like me, I think you will find this Squad Bold font helpful.

The bold text helps your image stand out, and if your thumbnail is good and your video is engaging, it means money in your account.


Track with Echo Effect Canva Font
Track + Echo Effect Canva Font

The Klarna Tutorial video is one of my most viewed videos, and maybe that’s because of the font that I have used.

Track with the echo effect looks beautiful when you have a nice background. You should try it.

Celandine Outline + Norwester

Celandine Outline + Norwester Canva Font

The last best Canva font for YouTube thumbnails is a combination. The Celandine Outline + Norwseter combination is something you should try before going somewhere else.

If you remember, Norwseter is also mentioned separately here.