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7 Best Evernote Templates

7 Best Evernote Templates

Among note-taking apps, Evernote is one of the most widely used. Evernote has made taking notes as simple as possible by including many useful features.

It has templates, and you can download up to 20 templates as a free user. In this post, I have researched the 7 best Evernote templates.

Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template for Evernote

You will save a ton of time using this template while creating a business plan for your idea.

It includes every step by default to make it easier for you to follow along and better grasp how to accomplish your business objectives.

The elements of this business plan template include the following:

  • An outline of your Mission and Vision
  • Market Analysis
  • Situational Analysis (SWOT)
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Summary
  • Success Metrics
  • Milestone Timeline
  • Business Plan Review Log

Eisenhower Matrix Template

Eisenhower Matrix Evernote Template

The second one of the best Evernote templates is the Eisenhower Matrix. You can use this template to prioritize your tasks according to their urgency.

There are four sections of Eisenhower Quadrants:

  • Urgent/Important
  • Important, not Urgent
  • Urgent, Not Important
  • Not Urgent, Not Important

Tasks that aren’t important or urgent can be rejected or postponed until the other tasks are finished. This shows you a clear image of what needs to be completed first.

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Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar Evernote

Regularly publishing content on your social media platforms is crucial for growing engagement and momentum, but doing so can take a lot of time.

Evernote created a Social Media Calendar to build up a weekly to-do list, important dates for the week, and a seven-day calendar to simplify your life.

You can use this template by setting the dates and adding your photos, videos, and text on the days you wish to publish it.

This calendar template can be used if you want to introduce a straightforward social media plan to your team and need a convenient place to keep it.

Hiring Tracker

Hiring Tracker Evernote Template
Hiring Tracker Evernote Template

This template is excellent for any HR manager since it will enable them to hire the finest candidate for the job while saving a ton of time.

This template, which includes their contact information, resumes, cover letters, interview dates, etc., can be used for applicant monitoring.

Daily Mental Health Journal

Daily Mental Health Journal Evernote Template
Daily Mental Health Journal Evernote Template

Mental health is one of the critical factors in our life, and Evernote and Talkspace have created this template to help those who struggle to main good mental health.

The template includes a list of questions that will assist you in self-evaluation and setting mental health as a top priority.

This template will help you:

  • Discover better days with journaling
  • Build your intentions with reflections
  • Make your mindset a habit
  • Be humble with gratitude

Its features make it one of the most popular and best Evernote templates right now.

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Novel Plotting: 3-Act Structure

Novel Plotting 3-Act Structure Evernote Template
Novel Plotting 3-Act Structure Evernote Template

This template is perfect for anyone who wants to write novels. The three-act structure used in this template is a traditional pattern for presenting stories. These are:

  • Act I — The Beginning (This includes story elements such as the opening scenes, setup, CTAs, etc.)
  • Act II, Part 1 — The Middle (This includes story elements such as the Choice, Rising Action / Mounting Problems, and Midpoint / Reversal)
  • Act II, Part 2 — After the Reversal (This includes story elements such as More Troubles, Disasters, and Turning points)
  • Act III — Resolution (This includes story elements such as Plan / Resolve, Climax, and Denouement)

By following this template, you will be able to see the progress and make better decisions about your writing.

2022 Monthly Calendar Template

2022 Monthly Calendar Evernote Template
2022 Monthly Calendar Evernote Template

The best templates are never complete until they have a project management template.

This Monthly Calendar template is ideal for teams looking to organize their goals and objectives for this year.

Using this handy calendar, you can keep track of important tasks, meetings, birthdays, and everything in between. This template allows you to:

  • Track goals
  • Plan ahead
  • Remember special dates
  • Create a family calendar
  • Make weekend plans
  • Write everything down
  • Check schedules on the go

With this template, it’s as simple as it gets, yet productivity often benefits from simplicity.

Best Evernote Templates: Conclusion

We hope that our selection of the best Evernote templates will assist you in getting started. Evernote has a variety of templates; this was only a fraction.

Check out the complete library of templates provided by Evernote.

Do you use any templates for day-to-day tasks? What do you think would make the best Evernote template? Tell us in the comments.