Google Keep vs. Apple Notes (2021)

Google Keep vs Apple Notes
Google Keep vs. Apple Notes

Apple Notes is not available for Android, but Google Keep is offered on the App Store. Both offer basic note-taking features, but one might be a better choice than the other, depending on the tools you want. So how do both compare? The article helps you decide by covering Google Keep vs. Apple Notes.


Apple Notes is only offered on Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

Google Keep contrarily is available for Android, iOS, and browsers. You can install the app as well as the extension on Chrome from Chrome Web Store, while it can be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on Microsoft Edge.


Google Keep vs Apple Notes
Google Keep and Apple Notes Main Interface

In this round of Google Keep vs. Apple Notes, we are covering all the tools both offer. Google Keep offers basic text editing tools. You get:

  • Simple text editor
  • Attach images
  • Camera (photo only)
  • Draw (separate space)
  • Record voice
  • Checkbox (switches the typed text to checkboxes)
    • Shopping list suggestions (suggests items as you type)

Keep only support limited options regarding text editing. For example, you can’t write text and add checkboxes in the same note. If you add checkboxes, the app converts the text into checkboxes.

Apple Notes is a bit more advanced. It comes with a few rich text editing tools and an option to add tables. Here is the list of all the features:

  • Text editor
    • Headings
    • Titles
    • Monospaced text
    • Bold text
    • Italicise text
    • Underline
    • Strikethrough
    • Indent
    • Numbered list
    • Botted list
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Camera (photo or video)
  • Checkboxes
  • Document scanner
  • Draw (separate space)
  • Tables

Review: There is no doubt the Apple Notes is more advanced in terms of editing.

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With extended options, Apple Notes is better than Google Keep in saving notes. The app gives the option to saves on iCloud and your device.

Furthermore, the app also offers to download the whole note or just the note’s media on your phone. The whole note option saves each type separately. I.e. text in a text file format and images in an image format.

Google Keep only saves notes on the cloud, and yes, you will not be able to refresh the app until the connection is not back.

Review: This round also goes to Apple Notes.


Google Keep and Apple Notes Sharing Options
Google Keep and Apple Notes Sharing Options

With Google Keep, you can invite people to collaborate, while the note can be sent to Google Docs or shared via other apps. The supported apps also attach the note’s multimedia.

Apple Notes, on the contrary, comes with the same options. You can invite people to collaborate or share it via other apps.

Review: This round is a tie.

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Extra features

Google Keep Widget on an iPhone
Google Keep Widget on an iPhone

Google Keep

  • Shopping list: Google Keep automatically suggests shopping items as you type.
  • Reminder: You can set reminders with specific day times (morning, afternoon etc.).
  • Disable sharing: You can disable sharing completely in the app settings.
  • Labels: Label notes to distinguish between notes. Labels are searchable.
  • Background Colour: You can change a note’s background colour to separate from other notes.

Apple Notes

  • View attachments: The app comes with an option to view all the attached media of all the notes in one place.
  • Lock notes: You can set passwords with passwords hints and lock a note. The app offers to set a different password for each note for extra protection.
  • Lines and grid: The app can show lines and grids for better drawing.


  • Pin Notes: Both allow pinning the notes to the top.
  • Widgets: Both offer widgets on iOS. Google Keep comes with new notes options, while Apple Notes displays a couple of notes with a new note option.
  • iPad and Apple Watch: Google Keep and Apple Notes support iPad and Apple Watch to quickly add notes.
  • Interface: Both offer to change the layout of the notes from the grid to the list and vice versa.

Which one is for you?

Apple Notes is more advanced, but the platforms make it less effective. If you work on iOS and macOS devices, then I highly recommend using Apple Notes.

Google Keep is a simple note-taking app, and it is good for shopping or just saving simple text notes to come back later. Keep is also beneficial if you work on Windows PC.


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All it comes to the platforms you work on. Both have pretty much the same tools except a few. Anyway, I hope the article Google Keep vs. Apple Notes helped you decide. Thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts and your daily drive app or any suggestions in the comments below.

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