Samsung Notes vs. Google Keep (2021) | The Final Comparison

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Samsung Notes is one of the great note-taking apps. Samsung brings new features on every new flagship release. Google Keep, also called Keep Notes, is a simple and straightforward app. How do both differ? The blog post explores both and covers Samsung Notes vs. Google Keep.

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Platforms and account

Samsung Notes is pre-installed on Samsung Devices, but it can also be downloaded on Android devices from Google Play. A Windows app is also available, but Samsung has not developed the app or synchronised with the mobile app, but the interface looks identical to the mobile app.

Google Keep is offered on Android and iOS, while the extension and an app for Google Chrome are also available to download on PC.

Moreover, you can access the web version at any time by going to Google Keep uses your Google account to synchronise the notes, and the account is mandatory to use the app. The data used is counted towards Gmail storage.


Interface - Samsung Notes vs Google Keep
Interface – Samsung Notes vs Google Keep

Google Keep comes with a simple interface with all the notes on the homepage. The app comes with a dark theme, and the notes can be pinned for easier access.

Samsung Notes is also a straightforward app with all the notes on the homepage. The app comes with a dark mode which works with the device’s dark theme.


Samsung Notes Tools
Samsung Notes Tools

Samsung Notes supports more tools and offers extended options for notes. You can add a checklist in a text note. Google Keep does not offer to add both.

You can either create the checklist or the text note. Regarding tools, the app also crosses Google Keep because you get to add lists, change text size and colour, align text, underline, italics and bold text.

Google Keep does not come with any of the mentioned features. Both support checklist, drawing, images, and audio notes come with a tag system. Google Keep calls it labels, whereas Samsung Notes calls it categories. Both offer to search for titles, tags, and text within the notes.

One more thing Samsung Notes does much better is working with a stylus on the Note device. If the device is locked and the display is off and remove the stylus, the app automatically shows the note page to draw.

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Samsung Notes works with Samsung Reminder, and you can send the info to the app and create a reminder. Google Keep contrarily supports the reminder option, but you can only create one reminder per note.


Samsung Notes comes with three types of widgets:

  1. Create a note that comes with the text, draw, image, and microphone options.
  2. Shortcuts and show notes do the same job. It is a matter of the size each takes on the home screen.

Google Keep, on the contrary, offers two types of widgets:

  1. Note list offers to view all notes, pinned notes, reminders, and labels.
  2. The second widget is called quick capture, which is similar to create a note widget of Samsung Notes.


Here is the tricky part. Samsung Notes only offers to share the file, but you get a few options. You can share in Samsung Notes (.SDOC) format, Microsoft Word, PDF, image file, and text file formats.

Google Keep contrarily does not come with as many options, but it provides a collaboration feature. The app offers to add other users to collaborate in a note. Other than that, it offers to send the note text in other apps.

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Samsung Internet and Google Keep Web Interface
Samsung Internet and Google Keep Web Interface

In this round of Samsung Notes vs. Google Keep, we will not cover a lot. Samsung Notes does not come with any official app (as mentioned above) for desktop computers. The software developed by XDA Developers can open the .sdoc files on PC.

Google Keep, as discussed, comes with an app and extension for Google Chrome, while the web version is easily accessible on any browser.

Other features

Samsung Notes

  • Sync: The app offers an option to enable or disable synchronisation.
  • Password protect: You can password protect the notes.
  • Importing data: It provides an option to import data from a phone, Samsung account, and Google Drive.

Google Keep

  • Doc file: The app can create a doc file and send the note to Google Docs.
  • Colour: You can change a note’s background colour.

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Which one is for you?

Samsung Notes or Google Keep
Samsung Notes or Google Keep

The simple answer to this question is that if you only use notes on your Samsung devices, you don’t need to install another app. Just stick to Samsung Notes. But, if you also access your notes on other devices, then you should install Google Keep.


The blog post: Samsung Notes vs. Google Keep covered the essential topics. The article is the first version and will be updated accordingly. I hope the information was useful.

Please let me know which app you will be using, so visitors can easily choose between the two. Also, subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.

6 thoughts on “Samsung Notes vs. Google Keep (2021) | The Final Comparison”

  1. Marilyn B Brookins

    I currently used Google keep I like it but the one thing I really wish I could do with it would be the ability to lock notes. As I have mistakenly erased some parts of the not and get it back or remember the exact words.

  2. Nice overview. As you highlight the Samsung Notes app is not synchronized across platforms, whereas Keep is. In addition to Windows, there’s an app for Wear OS so I can access and add more conveniently, and there’s hands free readability, for example my shopping list at the grocery store. I can also invite others to edit notes. That’s very useful. Finally, while not relevant to my usage, Keep is also available for other Android phones, as well as the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Keep can of course be improved, for example adding the tag color is not available on the watch, nor sorting through my notes.

  3. I have always used notes. My one complaint is that for a grocery list I can’t have my kids just edit it, I was looking for a grocery list app that was easier than sharing a Note. Keep sounds like it has solved this issue. I never knew it existed, but with the push to move to OneDrive, google was more suited than OneDrive, so Keep will be a win!

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