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7 Free Habit Tracker Templates for Notion

7 Free Habit Tracker Templates for Notion

Many people like to track their habits, but not many people (at least me) don’t follow their routine because of complex tools.

Notion is a note-taking, task management, and personal growth tool that allows you to create your templates and begin working.

Today, we are looking at the 7 best free habit tracker templates available on the Notion website.

Habit Tracker by Notion

Habit Tracker by Notion

The first on the list is a simple monthly habit tracker designed by the Notion team. It has a table view with days, activities, and comment options. You can modify the activity columns according to your needs.

You can add a new monthly sheet by clicking on the “start a new month” button. The labels below the table count how many times a task was completed.

The template is excellent for individuals who want to do specific daily tasks and want an application to track those tasks.

Simple Habit Tracker

Building a Habit Tracker in Notion

Made by Thomas Frank, the Notion template is a great place to start tracking your habits. It comes with a weekly overview on the left showing activities of each day with checkmarks.

The button “New Weekly Habit Tracker” creates a fresh sheet for the new week. At the bottom, you get a weekly summary option to summarise your work.

Furthermore, you get a weekly log option to go to a specific week quickly. The template will work great if you want to keep track of your daily activities.

Habit tracker by Vitor Rodrigues

Habit tracker by Vitor Rodrigues

Another free habit tracker template for Notion is developed by Vitor Rodrigues. Unlike others, it’s a complex template offering different options. For starters, it comes with a “This Week” table containing:

  • Habit name
  • Date
  • Day
  • Habit checks

Moreover, the template comes with monthly and database views. The monthly view comes with a clickable month option, which opens a monthly table.

The database shows daily rows from the first day to the current day, and you can open each to see and add tasks.

The template is for tracking habits, but some users may benefit more from other templates. You can check out the best Notion templates for students if you are a student.

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Habit Tracker by Notion

Another habit tracker template by Notion is like the one discovered earlier. It has columns, including day, date, task, and screen time.

It works by adding daily rows as you go. The day label on the left is expandable to add a separate note for that day.

The option is handy if you want to comment or write about your day. A little note icon displays next to the label if any comments are added to that day.

You can add the columns or modify the existing ones to suit your needs. Under each task on each row, you see a checkmark to complete tasks.

Goal-Project-Tasks Template

Goal-Project-Tasks Template Notion

This one here is perfect if you have daily tasks and major goals. The template has three sections:

  • Goals: This is where you will be keeping track of significant goals.
  • Projects: In this section, you will add your projects.
  • Tasks: In this tab, you will add your daily tasks.

The great thing about this template is that all the sections are connected to give you a better idea of what to do.

For example, adding a task lets you add the related project and goals. Each task can be opened to add details further.

Habit Tracker by Taylor Milliman

Like the Habit Tracker by Notion, the template by Taylor Millman follows a table structure with days, dates, and tasks on each row. The day cell opens up to add notes or comments.

Like the above template, an icon is visible if any information is added. Of course, you can filter, sort, add new columns, and search within the table at the top.

Using the template is easy because you add rows on the bottom. One thing you find different is the percentage instead of the sum below the table.

You can change it by tapping on the option and choosing the sum function. The template is an excellent choice if you want to track particular daily habits.

Habit tracking by Zoe Chew

Habit tracking by Zoe Chew

The last habit tracker for Notion is created by Zoe Chew. It has a list view containing day, date, wake up time, move, meditation, read, and other columns.

Under each column, it displays 0 and 1 labels, where “0” means not completed, and “1” indicates that the activity is completed. You can create your own labels with background colors.

To the left of the “day” label, you see some icons representing the type of work, while on the right, you can open a page to add comments or notes of the day.

Down the bottom, you have options to count the sum, checked cells, unchecked cells, and more with different properties. The search button is on the top, while you can add your columns and views to customize the table.

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Habit tracking is a good thing, and if you use the right tool, it becomes an exciting habit. Anyway, this is where we separate (for now). Thanks for checking out the 7 best habit tracker templates for Notion.

Feel free to share templates below if you have any, and check out other articles on Notion to learn more about it.