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14 Best and Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

14 Best and Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

Notion has become very popular and one of the best note-taking apps because it has made it possible to create basic to complicated notes. A part of this program is templates. No matter which industry, aesthetic notion templates motivate you to keep going.

So, here are those free 14 aesthetic templates to boost your productivity. Those are from various categories, and I have provided free images, so you can make them more stunning.

The Happiness Bar Journal | 2022

Notion The Happiness Bar Journal

Can benefit: Everyone

One of the aesthetic Notion templates in 2022 is The Happiness Bar Journal. The only goal of this template is to take those happy thoughts that vanish from our minds.

The template has a today section, where you record your feelings. Further down, you find a happiness station to keep the things that make you happy. The calendar view shows each day of the month if you want to explore a particular day.

Pitch’s sales deal room

Notion Pitch’s sales deal room template

Can benefit: Salesperson, owners, and directors

The Pitch’s sales deal room is a perfect template for salespeople as it makes it possible to store all your pitches. It also allows preparing for that brilliant pitch that can lend you your dream investor.

You can see each pitch in a row, which can be opened to add contacts, websites, pitch stage, etc.

The template is already one of the aesthetic Notion templates, but you can add and change the cover to the one in the video. I also added a cover image for each pitch from Notion’s cover library.

Plant tracker

Notion Plant tracker

Can benefit: Everyone

Isn’t this the most beautiful template here? Plant Tracker is an all-in-one template to help you manage plants. It already contains many plant types, and each has several data types, including tips, pet-friendly, light, pot, etc.

All you need is to change the names, images, and data, and you will be on your way to managing your plants more efficiently. The cover image is already great, but you can choose one of the below two.

The Visual Journal

Notion The Visual Journal

Can benefit: Everyone

The second last template is The Visual Journal. It’s a basic one, but its presentation is artistic. The template is used to capture your days as you go. You can come back later to recover memories.

It also offers the best day section to remember your best days. The template did not have a cover image, so I took one from Pexels.

Class Notes

Notion Class Notes Template with College Class Cover

Can benefit: College and university students

This is not the first time I have mentioned Class Notes. I added this template to the best Notion templates for college students list. The template lets you save notes for your classes in one place. The beautiful yet straightforward template can change the view to list, course number, and name.

The template, by default, does not have a cover, but to make it look more natural, we add the below free-to-use cover image.

Notion’s social media home

Notion’s social media home

Can benefit: Influencers, Marketing Team, and Entrepreneurs

Here is a template for marketers and entrepreneurs. It has all you need to plan your social media marketing strategy. It has several views to see and understand the data.

Each strategy page comes with the platform, date, area, status, visuals, etc. You can add as much info as you like in the post area. The template does not contain a cover image, but below are two if you want to add one.

Blue Dashboard

Notion Blue Dashboard

Can benefit: Everyone

A daily planner with options to track habits is Blue Dashboard. It has so many features making it one of the aesthetic Notion templates.

The daily planner can keep track of your daily tasks, while you can plan a whole week below. It also has a schoolwork section to add assignments and stuff. The cover image was just a simple image, so I changed it to the one below.

Engineering hiring pipeline

Notion Engineering hiring pipeline

Can benefit: For HR

Another aesthetic Notion template is this Engineering hiring pipeline. Even though the name suggests engineering, the template is for HR teams in any industry.

It has the primary Kanban board view with interview data. Each page has:

  • Role
  • Seniority
  • LinkedIn URL
  • GitHub
  • Website
  • Resume (use Resume template)
  • Salary

The default image is fine, but to make the template more fun, I added a pipeline cover image.

Video project tracker for YouTubers

Notion Video project tracker for YouTubers

Can benefit: YouTubers, Content Creators, Vloggers

A special template for content creators for the imagination and creation of videos. It has multiple views, including Kanban-style, calendar, and list, and you get to add data for each video. The template also comes with tags and status to help you see the video position.

The template does not have a cover image, so I have added a free one from the Pexels website.

If you like this template, you should check out my Notion habit tracker template list to track your habits.

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Blogging Manager

Notion Blogging Manager

Can benefit: Bloggers and Freelancers

Blogging Manager is a Notion template for bloggers who want to manage their articles’ workflow. It has a few steps, including post types and blog posts. Each plays a significant role.

Furthermore, you have a toolkit section that contains quick links to services such as Google Trends. You can tweak a few things to make it your own.

Personal library dashboard

Notion Personal library dashboard

Can benefit: Book readers

If you are a book reader and looking for an aesthetic Notion template, this is the one you need. It allows you to add the current and future books.

It also lets you keep quotes and famous sentences from the book. Using it is a bit tricky, so the instructions are given. I have also added a beautiful cover image to make it look different.

Personal Rolodex

Notion Personal Rolodex

Can benefit: Everyone

This one here is just a personal diary to stay updated with your social group. Congratulating someone, sending them pictures, going to an event, etc., can be saved in this template.

Each person gets a new row, and with the help of tags and things to remember columns, you will be up to date with what to do next.

A cover image is also included if you want to make this aesthetic template more personal.

Funding OS

Notion Funding OS

Can benefit: Web and software development teams

Funding OS is the last template we have today. It is for entrepreneurs and start-ups to keep track of investors and funding.

The top section has funding, investors, contacts, and activities. Each section opens up to add more data. Below that, we have views to see those sections more clearly. The template is created by Founterathome for future founders.


Notion Resume Template with Handshake Cover Image

Can benefit: University students

Microsoft Word resumes are old school now. The digital era has changed the way interviews are done. Of course, you need a hard copy, but Notion has a template to create a great resume.

The beautiful-looking organized template with an interview image will allow you to share a public URL of the resume.

Aesthetic Notion Templates: Summary

Notion is a block-based note-taking program with powerful tools. Templates make it powerful, but a suitable template can make it perfect. I hope those aesthetic Notion templates helped you find that perfect one.

The best way to improve this article is the user feedback, so if you have used any, please share your views in the comment and help me update it.