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62 Free and Best Notion Covers

62 Free and Best Notion Covers

One of the best things about Notion is that it has tools to make your notes look aesthetic. From templates to cover images, there are multiple ways to give your note a new look. The article covers the 62 free and best Notion covers in 2022.

Things to note

Before getting into the good stuff, I should mention that all the images here are from the stock image website offering free stock photos. In simple words, you can use the below images personally and commercially.

Secondly, some of the images are in reduced resolution, so it is recommended to download the image from the original URL given in each Notion cover image category.


Mountains are a great way to express your feelings about nature. These Notion covers look great on notes focusing on your important goals. Mountains also make us happy when we open a note for the first time in a long time.

The image sources are given below.

Original Image Links:

  1. Aerial Photography of Mountain Range
  2. Mountains Panorama Forest
  3. Snow Mountain Under Stars
  4. Alpsee Lake Mountains by derwiki
  5. Mountain Landscape Steps Stones


Motivation is something we get from wherever we can. Notion is one of the programs offering great habit tracking templates, but you can make any page motivational by adding one of those cover images.

Those remind you of our goal as you open your note early in the morning.

Original Image Links:

  1. Timelapse Photo of Road During Nighttime
  2. Sky Spring Clouds Snow
  3. Orange Vehicle on Brown Sand
  4. Utah Road Cars Mountains
  5. Arches National Park Van Drive
  6. Avenue Trees Path
  7. Silhouette Photography Person on Curve Road
  8. Photography of Bridge

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Here are beautiful photos to take your notes to the next level. You can use those on any type of notes, including projects, personal, habit tracking, planning, etc.

I have managed to find the different images so that you can have more options.

Original Image Links:

  1. Mountain Hills Photo
  2. Brown House Under Starry Night
  3. Photography of Leaves
  4. Scenic Photo Of Starry Sky
  5. Ocean Milky Way
  6. Photo of Bridge Under White Clouds
  7. Dock Under Cloudy Sky by Pixabay
  8. Pathway Between Trees


Here are the Notion cover images for people who have been to Europe or just want a scenic view of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Those cover images are suitable for individuals to teams working on building something for the future.

Original Image Links:

  1. Hallstatt Austria Mountain Lake
  2. Dolomiti Italy Mountain
  3. Village Sea Coat
  4. Rialto Bridge in Venice
  5. People Walking on Bridge Photos
  6. Concrete Buildings Beside White Cruise Ship
  7. Iceland Aurora Borealis Northern
  8. Manarola, Italy Photo
  9. Prague Praha Winter


For all those entrepreneurs, here are the image covers to prove your fellowship with your teammates. Those Notion image covers are great for teams working on the same project.

Those also remind you of best friends who have helped you throughout your journey.

Original Image Links:

  1. Silhouette Photo of Six Persons
  2. Silhouette Photo of People
  3. Silhouette of People Standing on Highland
  4. Six Silhouette of People Jumping
  5. Silhouette of People on Beach
  6. Silhouette of Nine Persons Standing on the Hill
  7. Camping Fire Camp


The collection of nature is all you need to show your support for the wonders of nature. Those photos show fog, wilderness, forests, hills, and other scenic areas.

Original Image Links:

  1. Trees in Forest with Sun Rays
  2. Pine Trees Field Near Mountain
  3. Two Brown Dear Beside Trees
  4. Fog Forest Conifers Trees
  5. Nature to Travel Landscape
  6. Animals Forest Silhouette Deer
  7. Wolves Forest Wintry Loneliness

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Like mountains, lakes are wonders of nature. If you like to show your support for nature, you can use one of the best lake Notion cover images for your notes. Those 7 are a few of the hundreds of great images on the internet.

Original Image Links:

  1. Lake Cottage Jetty
  2. Foggy Lake by Quang Nguyen Vinh
  3. Body of Water Near Mountain
  4. Brown Wooden Dock Near Calm Body of Water
  5. Calm Body of Lake Between Mountains
  6. Green Grass Field Near Body of Water by Ian M Jones
  7. Nature Waters Lake Island


Some people like to have a plain Notion cover image, and here are the six best plain images you can use as the page’s cover image.

These are different types of plain backgrounds giving you options to choose the ideal one.

Original Image Links:

  1. Abstract Aged Backdrop Cement
  2. Gray Concrete Bricks Painted in Blue
  3. White Brick Wall Pattern Texture
  4. Sunflowers Vase Home Decor
  5. Free Texture Image
  6. HD Photo by Cesar Couto


Here are some random Notion covers that might interest some people. Those are for resumes, interviews, students, and videography.

Original Image Links:

  1. Interior of Abandoned Building
  2. Investment Concept Business
  3. Unknown Person Playing Guitar
  4. Man and Women Near Table
  5. Gears Cogs Machine
  6. Books Student Library

The optimal Notion cover image size

As cover images are device-dependent, there isn’t a magic number for the Notion cover image. However, it is recommended to choose an image at least 1500px wide.

If you want the optimal resolution, 1920 width by 1080 height is the best, as most PCs are in this resolution.


You can use any high-quality image to make your note more beautiful. I hope the Notion cover images guide helped you to find that perfect image. Please let me know if you want yours added here in the comments.