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10 Best Notion Templates for Students

10 Best Notion Templates for Students

Tools like Notion have made it possible to optimize your studies. However, you need motivation sometimes to take your ideas to the next level.

This is why the article covers some free and best Notion templates for students.

Class Notes

Class Notes Notion Template

Who can benefit: Individuals

The first on the list is Class Notes. It’s a template created by Notion to help students put all the class notes in one place.

You can view the template as a table, list, course number, or class. The table view comes with the following:

  • Checkmarks to review notes
  • Note’s name
  • Class name or code
  • Note type (lecture, tutorial, practical, assignment, etc.)
  • Any materials (links or attachments)
  • Created date (automatically filled but editable)

You can add your columns to suit your needs.

Student dashboard

Student Dashboard Template Notion

Who can benefit: Individuals

A place for your courses, materials, assignments, activities, and notes, Student Dashboard is one of the great Notion templates for students.

The template has a section to store your courses, and in each course, you can add assignments and change their position with the Kanban view board.

It brings a calendar to add activities, and you get blogs, clubs, and notes sections to manage everything in one location.

Notion Templates for Students: Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Notion Template
Editorial Calendar Notion Template

Who can benefit: Individuals and groups

The multi-view template is to plan projects or assignments together. It has calendars, tables, and Kanban and author board views. Each has different options:

  • The calendar view shows all days with options to add tasks to each day
  • The table view displays the tasks with names, statuses, authors, scheduled dates, and tags
  • By status and author, boards show a list view with cards.


University Module Setup Notion Template
University Module Setup Notion Template

Who can benefit: Individuals

The next best Notion template for students is University Module Setup. It’s great if you are studying multiple courses and need help organizing your studies.

It has a tasks list to add essential tasks, a course overview section, important websites, completed work, the contact information of teachers and your group, and more.

Kanban Board

Kanban Board Notion Template
Kanban Board Notion Template

Who can benefit: Individuals and groups

The simple list-view note is to help you organize tasks. It comes with to-do, in-progress, and completed lists; you add tasks to each list and move them around.

Of course, you can edit the list to customize it according to your needs. The search bar on the top enables finding the tasks.

Grade Calculator

Grade Calculator Template

Who can benefit: Individuals

Another one of the best Notion Templates for students is the Grade Calculator. It uses the math.js formula to calculate your initial and final grades. It comes with a table containing the following:

  • Assignment name
  • Due date
  • Submitted date
  • Raw score
  • Days late (is any)
  • Excused
  • Late penalty percentage
  • Final grade
  • Weighting
  • Weighted grade

Adjusting the template is possible, but modification will be challenging because of the formulas. The template also comes with a tutorial and the formulas in use.

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Roadmap Notion Template
Roadmap Notion Template

Who can benefit: Individuals and teams

A noteworthy template is Roadmap. Many similar templates have the same name, but each is designed for different categories.

Similar to Editorial Calendar, it offers multiple views, each supporting new options:

  • The by-stage view is the default view showing the task lists.
  • The by-assignee view also shows a list view, but the lists display the name of team members with tasks assigned to them.
  • The calendar page is where you see all tasks in a calendar.
  • The table displays the tasks with the necessary details.
  • The in-progress table shows tasks currently in progress.

Budget Planning

Budget Planning Template

Who can benefit: Individuals

During studies, it’s good to plan and track your budget. This is where the Budget Planning template comes into the plan. Created by the Notion team, it helps you plan your budget more innovatively.

Like Class Notes, the template has different views to customize your way. For example, a view can be “food” or “shopping.”

Furthermore, it comes with monthly view options to check the monthly budget. The template uses a table providing:

  • Expense name
  • Amount
  • Category
  • Comment
  • Date

The total sum is automatically counted.

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Resume Template

Who can benefit: Individuals

With Notion, you can design a complex resume. The template Resume is here to help you get started. It is all you need to build your resume, from contact information to skills.

You can share a public URL with the company to view it online, while with links support, businesses can contact you with one click.

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Personal Growth Plan

Personal Growth Plan Notion Template
Personal Growth Plan Notion Template

Who can benefit: Individuals

This fully detailed template allows you to add your growth plan. The template has a few sections, including:

  • Map out today’s tasks
  • Grow section
  • What to focus on
  • Action plan

Also, a “For later…” section to plan tasks. The template also offers some example content to help you get the most out of it.