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HitFilm vs. DaVinci Resolve

HitFilm vs. DaVinci Resolve

HitFilm and DaVinci Resolve are free video editing programs. Both are great, but some features make those two different. How do both compare? The article covers HitFilm vs. DaVinci Resolve.

What are both

HitFilm is a freemium video editor with a touch of VFX and post-processing features. It supports HD video exporting for free, while 4K is in its premium plans.

DaVinci Resolve is the free version of DaVinci Resolve Studio. It is known for professional video editing and color grading and has been used in developing movies, including Ad Astra and Dark Phoenix.

Ease of use


HitFilm is good if you don’t know much about video editing because it brings tutorials.

DaVinci Resolve is also excellent and will fit many new users, but it offers some advanced options that may confuse some people.


DaVinci Resolve 18

When you create a new project, both ask for the video settings, such as resolution and frame rate.

In DaVinci Resolve, adding media files with different resolutions in the project settings asks whether to change the resolution or leave it.

It also creates a timeline sequence object in the project files. Besides that, it offers advanced color correction tools and over 85 effects to enhance the video.

HitFilm also asks to change the sequence settings when adding the first video with different settings. HitFilm free has over 120 effects, whereas its premium version brings more than 185.

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Importing and exporting

DaVinci Resolve Export Settings
DaVinci Resolve Export Settings

Both support the standard image, video, and audio file formats. DaVinci Resolve supports the MKV format, while HitFilm does not.

Regarding exporting, you get multiple resolutions. You can quickly export the video using the default settings.

At the same time, a whole section is also available for professional editors to adjust output settings, such as codec frame rate and resolution.


Transitions in HitFilm
Transitions in HitFilm

Transitions are an essential part of the HitFilm vs. DaVinci Resolve comparison because transition effects have been used for a long time.

HitFilm offers around 15 video transitions, whereas you find over 60 in DaVinci Resolve.

Text titles

DaVinci Resolve 17 Adding a Text Title

HitFilm provides the text tool and some installed templates. You can also import custom text templates. DaVinci Resolve, in comparison, offers around 70 free text titles.

Color correction

Coloring in HitFilm
Coloring in HitFilm

HitFilm doesn’t have many color editing features. We have some effects to improve the video color.

It has a Colorist workspace to monitor video colors. DaVinci Resolve is better than HitFilm. It has a separate workspace interface to monitor and adjust the video color.

Because of its color-correcting features, studios use it for movies and videos.

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Additional features

HitFilm supports GPU acceleration for free, and if you have a powerful GPU, you want this feature. It makes video export a lot faster. DaVinci Resolve Free lacks this option.

However, DaVinci Resolve lets you collaborate on projects. It makes it easier for members in different departments to work on different project parts.


HitFilm vs DaVinci Resolve
HitFilm vs. DaVinci Resolve Pricing and Plans

HitFilm Free has some effects and most video editing tools. You will need at least HitFIlm Creator to export in 4K.

The Creator plan brings additional visual and sound effects and more templates. It costs $8 per month on the yearly plan.

The Pro plan costs $12 and supports 8K exports, over 200 songs, more effects, and 3D editing without the watermark.

DaVinci Resolve Studio has many additional features, including:

  • GPU acceleration
  • More plugins
  • Advanced HDR grading
  • 3D editing support
  • Neural Engine
  • Better collaboration features

The Studio costs a one-time fee of $295. Check out my guide on all the differences between its free and Studio versions.

Which one is for you

Although both will work fine, I suggest going with DaVinci Resolve if you want a more powerful tool. It has better color grading, some great professional effects, and unique options.

HitFilm is also great, but it has a different interface, and it lacks a few file formats.

If you have a great video recording device to adjust video colors and don’t want something big, HitFilm can be your next program.

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Sunday 23rd of January 2022

When Chroma key is not included in the free version of Hitfilm, it should not be called a free video editor.


Monday 20th of June 2022

@Yong, but it still has "Hue & RGB key" effect. For my purposes it is enough.