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HERE WeGo vs. Google Maps

HERE WeGo vs. Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app, with over 54% of smartphone owners have used it at least once. In contrast, HERE WeGo, previously known as Here Maps, now owned by multiple companies, is a direct competitor of Google Maps.

How do both differ? The blog post explores boh and covers HERE WeGo vs. Google Maps.


HERE WeGo vs Google Maps Routing
HERE WeGo vs Google Maps Routing

Filled with powerful AI, both use different routing techniques. When you search for something, you get the recommended route with additional routes. To identify which one is better, I went for a test drive.

I put a destination in both at the same time. Here WeGo showed 16:38 as the arrival time, while Google Maps showed 16:36. The route was also a bit different. After the 12-kilometer journey, I got to the destination at 16:35.

Depending on the region, one can outperform the other. The above test showed that Google Maps was more accurate.

Winner: Google Maps | Score: Google Maps: 1


Google Maps is slowly adding reporting features. HERE WeGo already comes with a few options. The below table compares the reporting options of both.

FeatureHERE WeGoGoogle Maps
Speed camera✔️
Speed limit✔️✔️
Vehicle’s speed✔️✔️
Mobile speed camera✔️
Lane Closure✔️
Disabled Vehicle✔️
Object on Road✔️
HERE WeGo and Google Maps

Both are location-dependent, so you might not see some of the options in your region.

Winner: Google Maps | Score: Google Maps: 2

Speedometer test

Regarding the speedometer, both are almost accurate. There is usually a difference of 1 km/hr between the two and the vehicle’s speed. The above video shows both in action at the same time.

Winner: Tie | Score: HERE WeGo: 1 & Google Maps: 3

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Transit options

HERE WeGo vs Google Maps Transit Options
HERE WeGo vs Google Maps Transit Options

The next round of HERE WeGo vs Google Maps covers the supported routing options. HERE WeGo comes with both car and public transport options.

Although it’s not as advanced as Google Maps, where you get to see if the arriving bus or train is busy, the arrival times are accurate. HERE WeGo shows all the possible navigation types on the screen.

Google Maps contrarily shows each transport mode separately. It also remembers your choice, so the next time you search for anything, the last used transport mode comes up.

The below table displays the supported options. Like reporting, both are region-dependent, so some may not be offered in your country.

TransportHERE WeGoGoogle Maps
Taxi / Uber✔️✔️
Public transport✔️✔️
Google Maps and HERE WeGo transport options

Winner: Google Maps | Score: Google Maps: 4

Offline navigation

With HERE WeGo, we can download territories and nations at once, while Google Maps allows you to download a particular area in one go.

HERE WeGo also offers to download the public transport data. The info may not be entirely accurate, but something is better than nothing.

Both send a notification when an update is released. Google Maps sets an expiry date of downloaded maps, and after the expiry, you must download the fresh data to use the offline mode.

Both automatically switch to the offline mode when the internet connection drops, but you can manually go offline in the settings.

Winner: Tie | Score: HERE WeGo: 2 & Google Maps: 5

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Business information

Google Maps and HERE WeGo, along with Waze, are the only navigation apps offering business information. Regarding the info, Google Maps is the king. Let’s take a look at the below table to see which service supports what.

FeatureHERE WeGoGoogle Maps
Business name✔️✔️
Contact information✔️✔️
Business hours✔️✔️
Nearby public transport✔️
Google Maps and Waze Business Information

Winner: Google Maps | Score: Google Maps: 6

Other features

Here are some other features that you find in both.


  • An app is available for Galaxy Watch.
  • No account is needed to use the app.

Google Maps

  • Street and real-time street view to find destinations easily.
  • Total lanes and recommend lanes to help you drive better.
  • Timeline history is available to see your destinations.
  • It shows if an area is busy.
  • Google Maps uses GPS time (not phone’s time).
  • Google Maps night mode uses sensors, so in dark areas, the night mode enables even in the daytime.


Google Maps comes with a program where users can earn points by posting pictures and videos, answering questions, and rating and reviewing places. The service also uses a level system, where the level increases after specific points.

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Which one is for you?

HERE WeGo is popular in Europe, so if you live in Europe, you must try HERE WeGo. Google Maps is the ultimate stop if you don’t like HERE WeGo.

Both programs will work fine in other regions, but I believe that Google Maps performs better overall. The final score in HERE WeGo vs Google Maps is 2 against 6.

Wrap up

The end of the HERE WeGo vs Google Maps article is here. I hope the blog post helped. The comparison covered the essential features, but please leave your comments below if you have any doubts or feedback.


Saturday 30th of July 2022

HERE WeGo does not register that in London we are having a train strike today for certain train companies whereas Google maps does. That is a major advantage for Google in planning travel today.


Thursday 28th of July 2022

One major downfall of the Google Maps is for people like me that travel from Knoxville TN to Kingston Ontario Canada. Google maps eats a lot of data unless you download the map first, and there are two issues with doing that. The first is that the shape of the download box is fixed and is tall and narrow, and the second issue is that this box does not nearly cover the area I need. Here WeGo is a onece-and-done.