HERE WeGo vs. Google Maps

Last updated: 19 Mar 2020

HERE WeGo vs Google Maps
HERE WeGo vs Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular app, with over 54% of smartphone owners have used it at least once. In contrast, HERE WeGo, previously known as Here Maps, now owned by multiple companies, is a direct competitor of Google Maps. How do both differ? The blog post explores boh and covers HERE WeGo vs. Google Maps (2021).


HERE WeGo vs Google Maps Routing
HERE WeGo vs Google Maps Routing

Filled with powerful AI, both use different routing techniques. When you search for something, you get the recommended route with additional routes. To identify which one is better, I took a test drive to the given destination. Here is what I found.

ServiceETA on startETA on endDist. on start
Google Maps16:3616:3512 km
HERE WeGo16:3816:3512 Km
Test Drive Results

Although one map can perform better than the other depending on the location and time, HERE WeGo suggested a 16:38 ETA, but the actual arrival time was 16:35. Google Maps was more accurate. The full result video is available down below.

Winner: Tie Score: HERE WeGo: 1 | Google Maps: 1


Google Maps is slowly adding reporting features on both Android and iOS. HERE WeGo also comes with a few features. Take a look at the below table for all the supported features.

FeatureHERE WeGoGoogle Maps
Speed camera✔️
Speed limit✔️ limited locations✔️ limited locations
Vehicle’s speed✔️✔️
Mobile speed camera✔️ User-reported
Crash✔️ User-reported
Congestion✔️✔️ User-reported
Roadworks✔️✔️ User-reported
Lane Closure✔️ User-reported
Disabled Vehicle✔️ User-reported
Object on Road✔️ User-reported
HERE WeGo and Google Maps

Winner: Google Maps Score: HERE WeGo: 1 | Google Maps: 2

Speedometer test

Regarding the speedometer, both are almost accurate. There is usually a difference of 1 km/hr between the two and the vehicle’s speedometer.

Winner: Tie Score: HERE WeGo: 2 | Google Maps: 3

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Transit options

HERE WeGo vs Google Maps Transit Options
HERE WeGo vs Google Maps Transit Options

The next round is covering all the supported routing options. HERE WeGo and Google Maps are some of the services to provide navigation for public transport in over 1300 cities.

HERE WeGo shows all the possible navigation types on the screen with separate tabs for each transport option when you search for an address.

Google Maps shows each transport option separately. Google Maps also remembers your choice, so the next time you search for anything, the tab with the last used transport option comes up.

The table shows what transport type both apps offer. The * suggest that the transport type is region or device limited.

Transport optionHERE WeGoGoogle Maps
Taxi / Uber✔️*✔️*
Public transport✔️*✔️*
Google Maps and HERE WeGo transport options

Winner: Google Maps Score: HERE WeGo: 2 | Google Maps: 4

Offline navigation

With HERE WeGo, we can download territories and nations at once, while Google Maps allows you to download a particular area in one go. HERE WeGo also offers to download the public transport data, which may not be accurate.

The apps automatically switch to the offline mode if the internet connection is unavailable, but you can toggle the online/offline button in the settings menu.

Winner: Tie Score: HERE WeGo: 3 | Google Maps: 5

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Business information

Google Maps and HERE WeGo alongside Waze are the only apps offering information about places. Both support a lot of information, but Google Maps is the king.

Let’s take a look at the below table to see which service supports what.

FeatureHERE WeGoGoogle Maps
Business name✔️✔️
Contact information✔️✔️
Business hours✔️✔️
Nearby public transport✔️
Google Maps and Waze Business Information

Winner: Google Maps Score: HERE WeGo: 3 | Google Maps: 6

Other features


  • App for Galaxy Watch
  • Offline maps for cities or nations
  • No account is needed to use

Google Maps

  • Street and real-time street view
  • Total lanes and recommend lane while driving
  • Timeline
  • Share live location


Google Maps comes with a program where users can earn points by posting pictures and videos, answering questions, and rating and reviewing places.

The service also uses a level system, where the level increases after certain points. The points can help you go to Google Maps events across the world.

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Still not sure? Watch the Google Maps vs. HERE WeGo video to see both on the road.

Which one is for you?

Both do a good job. HERE WeGo is popular in Europe, so if you live in Europe, you must try HERE WeGo. Google Maps is the ultimate stop if you don’t like HERE WeGo.

Both countries will work fine for other countries, but I believe that Google Maps may perform better in more situations. The final score in HERE WeGo vs Google Maps is 3 against 6.

Wrap up

The end of the HERE WeGo vs. Google Maps article is here. I hope the blog post helped. The comparison covered the essential features, but please leave it in the comments below if you have any doubts or feedback.

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