HERE WeGo vs. Waze | Which One is Better in 2020?

HERE WeGo vs Waze
HERE WeGo vs. Waze

Navigation is a part of daily life, especially if you are moving to a new location. For over three years of my careers as an Uber driver, I used different navigation apps to see which offers excellent service. Today, we have two navigation services. HERE WeGo and Waze are two of the popular services around the world. How do both differ? The blog post covers HERE WeGo vs. Waze (2020).

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HERE WeGo formerly known as Here Maps is operated by Here Global. It was first released with Nokia Symbian Phones and then joined Lumia family. Today, it is available for iOS and Android. The service was bought by major car companies for $3B in 2015. As of February 2017, more than 100 million cars have HERE installed.


Waze is one of the popular navigation apps on iOS and Android. The robust reporting features make it one step ahead of all the apps. Waze is owned and operated by Google, and currently, it is the second most used GPS app on the mobile phone.

HERE WeGo vs. Waze


HERE WeGo vs Waze - Routing
HERE WeGo vs Waze – Routing

With the help of AI and data provided by the app/user, both services calculate the traffic. To dig deeper, I took a test drive (above video) to find the difference. Take a look at the below results.

Service ETA on start ETA on end Dist. on start Dist. on end
HERE WeGo 19:09 16:35 10 km 9.3 km
Waze 19:06 16:35 9.1 km 9.3 km

Regarding the traffic, Both did a good job. Initially, the arrival time in Waze was quicker, and the distance was less than in HERE WeGo. But, I had to favour HERE WeGo sometimes to make it an even comparison.
Winner: Tie
Score: HERE WeGo: 0 | Waze: 0

Voice navigation

HERE WeGo comes with about 78 different voices in many languages, while Waze offers about 73 voice options. A beneficial thing in Waze is to record personal voice for turns and stuff.

Winner: Tie
Score: HERE WeGo: 0 | Waze: 0

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Transit options

There is no comparison regarding the transport options. HERE WeGo has more transit options than Waze.

Feature HERE WeGo Waze
Car ✔️ ✔️
Taxi driving ✔️
Bicycle ✔️ ✔️
Public transport ✔️
Taxi/ride-share ✔️
Walk ✔️ ✔️

Winner: HERE WeGo
Score: HERE WeGo: 1 | Waze: 1


Both offer some reporting tools. Waze has an edge on reporting features because of its user based reporting tool. Take a look at the below table for all the features.

Feature HERE WeGo Waze
Speed camera ✔️ ✔️
Speed limit ✔️ ✔️
Vehicle’s speed ✔️ ✔️
Static speed camera ✔️ ✔️
Mobile speed camera User-reported
Crash User-reported
Congestion User-reported
Roadworks User-reported
Road closure User-reported
Object on road User-reported
Disabled vehicle User-reported
Fuel prices User-reported
Roadside help ✔️
Disabled vehicle User-reported


Waze uses a scoreboard system where users can contribute. The user-based reporting tools in the above section are the features which can be reported. Depending on the user level, the report is sent to the server. The more a person reports, the more points they get. This feature helps Waze report many things around the area.

Winner: Waze
Score: HERE WeGo: 0 | Waze: 1

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Offline navigation

HERE WeGo allows downloading maps for different areas. Depending on your location, you can download your city, state or even the whole country’s map. It comes handy when you are in remote areas, or you don’t have enough data left. The app will not be able to give you traffic updates, but it would give you the smallest route. Waze does not allow to download maps on your phone.

Winner: HERE WeGo
Score: HERE WeGo: 2 | Waze: 1

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The video explains how both work and react on the road. None of the services is perfect and in HERE WeGo vs Waze comparison, we saw something similar.


HERE WeGo Waze
  • View satellite, transit, and traffic modes
  • View business information such as phone number, website, opening hours etc
  • See all the possible ways to get to a location in the same window
  • Support Samsung Galaxy Gear watches
  • Offers a map editor
  • Night mode available
  • Switch between 2D and 3D mode
  • Talk to Waze by saying “OK Waze”
  • Supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Offers a map editor
  • Night mode available

Which one is better where?

The answer to this question is complicated. Here is a list of which service is better where.

  1. If you travel to remote areas often then you should go with HERE WeGo and download maps.
  2. In the city, both would work fine, but if you want to stay up to date with surrounding, then Waze is better.
  3. For public transport, taxi, ride-share, and walk, HERE WeGo is your choice.
  4. Love to help the community, Waze is there.

Wrap up

The end of this comparison is here. Thanks for having a read and I hope the comparison HERE WeGo vs Waze helped. Please feel free to share your views regarding both in the comments and subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

12 thoughts on “HERE WeGo vs. Waze | Which One is Better in 2020?”

  1. another point in comparison. Here WeGo has an app for Galaxy Gear watches while waze does not. If you want to get/view navigation on your Samsung watch then Here is the choice. BTW how are you defining road vs street?

    1. Thanks for the words, Mick. Thanks for pointing out that HERE WeGo has an app for the watches. I did not think of roads vs streets comparison. I’ll look into it and update the article.

  2. I used Here We Go yesterday for the 1st time because I thought it would be like Here Drive that I used on my old Nokia Windows phone which was 100% reliable over the years but I had to get rid only because it was falling apart. Here We Go got me to my destination okay so I thought great but coming back it was a complete disappointment, waiting for GPS pops up when I’ve already started driving. I was just left without guidance & had to pull over & used Waze instead also for the 1st time. It got me to my destination okay but I got a couple of pop ups during my journey which was a huge distraction that I really did not appreciate, as you’re not supposed to be handling your mobile whilst driving, thank goodness my daughter was with me & got rid of them. It also did not give me the speed that I am able to drive on different roads & warnings if I’m going over but I went into settings at home & apparently it does have that feature, I don’t know why it’s not applied automatically. Also there were cartoon pictures of small chickens on the map which I found a bit bizzare. I’ll need to get use to it. I really wanted Here We Go to work but on my first outing it just was extremely unreliable. I also thought it was supposed to work offline. I was in London not desolate country roads & I never needed to download any maps ever on Here Drive. It just worked. That’s what you need reliability.

    1. Thanks for the views, Sandy. None of the apps is perfect and, definitely, reliability is the most important. Waze doesn’t have a feature to download maps while Here WeGo needs some polishing.

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