Premiere Rush vs. Premiere Pro (2021) | The Final Showdown

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Premiere Rush Vs. Pro
Premiere Rush vs. Pro

Abode is famous for creating photo and video editing tools. The company has even created multiple tools for the industry. When the options are many, you can quickly get confused. In this blog post, we will discuss the two video editing tools. Premiere Rush or Pro? Keep reading to know more about Adobe Premiere Rush vs. Pro.

We will cover all the features, and in the end, we will also make a fair comparison to avoid any confusion.

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Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro with Default Workspace
Premiere Pro

One of the most popular video editing tools, Premiere Pro is the leading video editing tool according to Market Watch. Premiere Pro has been here for more than 16 years, and its effects, 4K rendering, and tools make it super sturdy.

The software is capable of adding many audio and video tracks, and it is responsible for rendering movies, including Deadpool, Gone Girl, and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush Desktop
Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush is a new addition in the Creative Cloud family. The app is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Due to the high-end features, the app is available on minimal devices. As many OSs such as iOS 11 and less, Windows 7 and 8, Android 8.0 and earlier, macOS 11 and earlier do not support the app, the access is limited compared to Premiere Pro.

The app is designed to edit videos quickly; hence, it is called to be for on the go creators. Also, it can sync projects automatically to the cloud. That means you can work on any of your devices regardless of the device and location.

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Premiere Rush vs. Premiere Pro

Ease of use

Ease of Use
Ease of Use | Premiere Pro vs. Rush

Premiere Pro is known for offering more advanced tools and features. You can access all of them by a single click. As it supports all the Premiere Rush features, the Rush projects can be opened in Premiere Pro. Also, Pro gives you full control to edit almost all the videos.

However, the interface of Rush is super easy and can be great for beginners. Abode has designed this app to help all those who lack experience. You can use this app without much editing skills.


Premiere Pro and Rush Tools
Premiere Pro and Rush Tools

With Premiere Pro, you can expect a wide range of functions. Some include:

  1. Keyframes: Add keyframes to add transitions, adjust the audio level, adjust video transparency, and manage the video transform from one point to many other.
  2. Warp Stabilizer: Stabilize shaky footage.
  3. Lumetri Colour: Add colour effects to make the video look more vibrant.
  4. Trimming functions: Trim fastly with the help of multiple tracks and magnet tool.
  5. Graphics: Browse templates of titles, captions, and more.

You can use hotkeys to operate almost all the programs, and you can sync the setting by using the Creative cloud. As it works with multiple applications, you can import your videos from the gadgets to the software directly.

Rush, on the contrary, offers basic tools (all are available in Premiere Pro) such as:

  1. Muti-track edit: Add multiple videos and audio files.
  2. Text editing: Add text and styles and edit text.
  3. Add effects and transitions: Add some built-in effects and transitions.
  4. Change speed: Change video and audio speed.
  5. Cropping clip: Crop a clip.
  6. Audio options: Enhance audio of the video.

File formats


Both support the most common formats, including

  1. MP4
  2. AVI
  3. MPEG
  4. FLV
  5. MTS
  6. MPE

While testing MOV (macOS) in Premiere Pro, I was not satisfied with the response because the software could not play the file. On this note, Premiere Rush has also been notified for not playing MOV files properly.


Premiere Pro Exporting Options
Premiere Pro Exporting Options

Premiere Rush only supports exporting in MP4 format, but it comes with a few presets such as 720p, 1080p, and even 4K resolution. Premiere Pro, on the other hand, supports most of the video, audio, and image exporting tools. It supports:

  1. AAC Audio
  2. AIFF
  3. Animated GIF
  4. Apple ProRes MFX OP1a
  5. A5-10
  6. A5-10
  7. AVI
  8. AVI (Uncompressed)
  9. BMP
  10. DNxHR/DNxHD MXF OP1a
  11. DPX
  12. GIF
  13. H.264
  14. H.264 Blu-ray
  15. HEVC (H.265)
  16. JPEG
  17. JPEG 2000 MXF OP1a
  18. MP3
  19. MPEG2
  20. MPEG2 Blu-ray
  21. MPEG2-DVD
  22. MPEG4
  23. MXF OP1a
  24. Open EXR
  25. P2 Movie
  26. PNG
  27. QuickTime
  28. Targa
  29. TIFF
  30. Waveform Audio
  31. Windows Media
  32. Wraptor DCP

Moreover, each format comes with different presets. So, in total, you get over a hundred options to select for your video.

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Audio options

Premiere Rush offers some of the quick audio options. You can change the clip volume and the audio preset. The app automatically detects the preset, but you can change it. Depending on the selected preset, the app adjusts the audio.

Furthermore, you can choose the auto and balanced volume, reduce background noise with one click, reduce echo and enhance speech.

Premiere Pro contrarily comes with a separate audio tab. You can set a preset (only one) on each clip. The software comes with four main presets titled dialogue, music, SFX, and Ambience and many sub-presets. Each preset comes with different options to adjust the audio clarity.

What makes Premiere Pro special is that selecting one of the presets auto-adjusts the audio quality so, you get better audio without too much effort. Other than above, you have options to reduce the background noise and the audio equalizer.

Text options

Adobe Premiere Pro Graphics Workspace
Adobe Premiere Pro Graphics Workspace

Premiere Pro provides better control of the text. In Premier Rush, there are some built-in presets of texts and titles. These additions can be effective for beginners.

Premier Pro is a bit complex and time-consuming. But it can enable users to change the colour, styling, thread, animation, and drop shadow, by using keyframes.

Stock content

Premiere Rush Stock Audio
Premiere Rush Stock Audio

Premiere Rush comes with some of the free music and sound effects to add to the video. You can browse all by going to the audio and clicking on the browse button. Premiere Pro comes with the sound effects and music, but all are from Adobe Stock (a premium stock platform from Adobe).



Premiere Pro and Rush Price Comparison
Premiere Pro and Rush Price Comparison

When it comes to pricing, Premiere Rush is the winner. Even If you buy a single membership, you will have to spend less than the individual plan of the Premiere Pro. However, there will not be any difference if you consider Creative Cloud subscription.

The app does not come with many advanced features, and it is simple to use and can be perfect for all those who are starting. You will have to spend only a minimal amount on the single membership. For individual membership, the price will be $9.99

Premiere Pro, on the other hand, is for video editing with control in hand. This software comes with an intuitive interface to ensure easy access to beginners. However, Premier Pro might not be the right choice for beginners since they cannot use most of its features.

Premiere Pro software alone costs $20.99 per month.

For Adobe Creative Cloud, you will be paying $52.99 per month, which offers Photoshop, Premier Pro, Premiere Rush, Photoshop, After Effects, and some other apps. The 100 GB space will be an added benefit.

Which one should you use?

The last part of Premiere Rush vs. Pro is to decide the ideal tool. Well, your skill level will decide either to go with Premiere Pro or Rush. If you are a new video editor, you might find the Premier Rush worth spending.

Premiere Rush provides some useful features to meet your editing needs. It can be the best fit for mobile users since they can post videos whenever and wherever they want.

You can think of Premier Pro if you are an experienced video editor. You will find everything that you need to get the perfection. It is an all-in-one app that offers easy integration with other tools of Abode as well.

For users who are serious about video creation for a long time and are not afraid of learning new features, spending time and money on Premiere Pro will be beneficial.

Wrap up

I hope the article Premiere Rush vs. Pro helped you find the perfect app. I have been using Premiere Pro for a long time, and Premiere Pro for over two months, and I can say that Adobe is working on both to make sure that the users don’t have to go anywhere else. Anyway, thanks for reading, and let me know what do you think of both in the comments down below.

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