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Samsung Health App Review


✔️ Step tracking
✔️ Workout tracking
✔️ Sleep, food, weight, and other data tracking
✔️ Programs and challenges


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Whether you want to track your health or get in better shape, Samsung Health is an all-in-one app that can help you do it all.


App type: Health and Fitness
Supported devices: iOS, Android, and watches
Offline: Yes
Ease of use: Easy
Pricing: $0
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

What is Samsung Health

Samsung Health Review
Samsung Health App

Samsung Health is a health and fitness program that comprises the Samsung Health app on phones and watches.

The Samsung Health app is the core area to store your workout data across multiple devices. Although the app is offered on multiple systems, we will mainly talk about the app on cell phones.

Samsung Health App Review: Step tracking

Samsung Health Step Data

Samsung Health works in the background to count your steps. Unlike Google Fit, the app only counts your workout calories.

It has a Daily activity section that calculates your total steps, active time, and calorie consumption and shows your progress in a three-layer heart shape.

Workout tracking

Samsung Health All Exercises

Samsung Health is one of the prominent apps because it offers over 85 workouts.

You can start an activity and leave your phone, and the app will track all the necessary data, including calories and time.

You can set a calorie or duration target for each activity. The app also supports YouTube Music and Spotify to play your favorite playlists while working out.

Also, in some activities, the app encourages you to keep going. For example, while walking, it tells you the workout statistics when you have finished a kilometer or half of your target.

It also pushes you to keep going to reach the goal.

Other activities

What makes this Samsung Health review fascinating is that Samsung Health has over 10 other tracking features. Let’s see some of them now.

Food tracking

Food consumption is something we don’t find in many apps. Samsung Health has it. The app lets you add foods to track calories and nutrition data.

You can set a calorie target to maintain your weight. Samsung Health has a database of thousands of foods, but if you don’t find something, you add custom food.

Furthermore, you can combine dishes to make a meal.

I eat the same breakfast daily and have saved my breakfast as a dish. All I do is tap on the option to record my meal.

Weight management

Body Composition Dashboard in Samsung Health
Body Composition Dashboard in Samsung Health

Another feature I have been using for years is Samsung Health’s weight management. Read my text on how I do it to learn more.

The app lets you add your weight and see it over time. It has weight and BMI charts to help you know where you stand. If the user is overweight, the app shows in red.

You can record your weight and change the view data to week, month, and even year to see your progress.

Like the calorie data, you can set a target and enable reminder notifications. My Samsung Health reminds me every alternate day at 10 a.m. to check my weight.

Sleep tracking

Sleep Recording in Samsung Health
Sleep Recording in Samsung Health

Samsung Helth has been my sleep tracker for a long time. Also, its sleep tracking feature is advanced, tracking your phone’s activity to calculate precise sleeping duration.

All you have to do is save the data. It also has a sleep quality scale. This is to track your sleep and find the perfect time and duration.

Other tracking

Samsung Health also supports tracking the following activities:

  • Water
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood oxygen
  • Stress
  • Heart rate
  • Cycle

You need a compatible device for heart rate, stress, and blood oxygen.

Is Samsung Health accurate

While writing my Samsung Health accuracy article, I discovered that Samsung Health counts a few more calories than other apps.

However, this is because the app calculates more data. For instance, many apps don’t record your elevation, unlike Samsung Health.

Overall, Samsung Health is an accurate health app.

Challenges and programs

Samsung Health Together Screen
Samsung Health Together Screen

Other features are essential for this Samsung Health app review. The app lets you challenge your friends and work out together.

You also see a steps leaderboard and your ranking among your friends. Moreover, weekly, monthly, and yearly events occur worldwide, and you can participate in those to push yourself.

Other than that, Samsung Health offers many free fitness programs. Those include pilates, calorie burning, stretches, and more.

Some programs are from third-party providers to help you get in prime shape.

Should you use Samsung Health

That’s a yes. Samsung Health is one of the jewels. It has everything you need to maintain, reduce, train, track, and record health and fitness activities.