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SwiftKey vs. Samsung Keyboard

SwiftKey vs Samsung Keyboard
SwiftKey vs. Samsung Keyboard

Google Play Store is full of apps, and one of the apps is SwiftKey. SwiftKey is owned by Microsoft and has over 500 million downloads. Samsung Keyboard, on the other hand, is pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy devices. How do both differ, and which one is for you? The comparison takes a look at both and covers SwiftKey vs. Samsung Keyboard.


SwiftKey vs Samsung Keyboard Interface
Interface – SwiftKey and Samsung Keyboard

SwiftKey offers two rows on the top. The top row is for changing the settings, accessing the clipboard, calendar, translation, and more, whereas the second row is the suggestions row. You can hide the top row by tapping on the button on the left of the second row.

Samsung Keyboard, on the contrary, comes with one row, which does both things. It shows you emojis, stickers, voice recording, GIF, and settings, and when you type, the row switches to the prediction row. You can switch between the two anytime by tapping on the button on the left of the row.

Winner: The round is opinion-based. Score: SwiftKey: 0 | Samsung Keyboard: 0.


Themes - SwiftKey vs Samsung Keyboard
Themes – SwiftKey vs Samsung Keyboard

SwiftKey offers to change the keyboard theme. The app comes with over 300 themes for iOS and Android. Some are popular, and some give a different look to the keyboard. You can create a custom theme to add a background image, add or remove the number line, and enable or disable the button borders.

On the contrary, Samsung Keyboard does not offer themes, but it comes with a few high contrast themes. High contrast themes offer solid colors to help you see and type even in direct sunlight.

Winner: SwiftKey is the winner. Score: SwiftKey: 1 | Samsung Keyboard: 0.

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Word prediction

For the next three rounds, I’m going to delete the personal and self-learned dictionary. SwiftKey remembers words when you type the same words or a sentence a couple of times.

The second time you type, you don’t see the suggestions, while the third time, you see a couple, and then you see all the same words if you continue. Generally, SwiftKey is good, and it also uses your location to show suggestions.

Samsung Keyboard most likely suggests the recently used words. The keyboard does not use location, but like SwiftKey, it uses AI to predict the next possible word.

Winner: This round is a tie. Score: SwiftKey: 1 | Samsung Keyboard: 0.


Auto-correction video

In this test, we will type the same sentence in both with one mistake in each keyword. The sentence we will be typing is:

The reason I need a good keyboard app is that I want to be productive and accurate.

Here is what SwiftKey typed:

The reason I nerd a good keyboard aoo is that I want to be productive and accurate.

Here is what Samsung Keyboard types:

The reason I need a good keyboard app is that I want to be productive and accurate.

By looking at the results, I must type that Samsung Keyboard performed better than SwiftKey.

Winner: Samsung Keyboard gets this round. Score: SwiftKey: 1 | Samsung Keyboard: 1.

Flow typing

Flow typing video

Same as auto-correction, let’s do a test. The sentence we are going to type:

I don’t want to go overseas to study. The education they provide here is better. Please don’t send me these kinds of offers.

This time, both typed the correct words. Although, in some cases, one might perform better than the other.

Winner: Tie. Score: SwiftKey: 1 | Samsung Keyboard: 1.


SwiftKey supports over 500 languages with multiple input types for many languages. You can also type in five languages at the same time. To move from one language to another, hold on to the space bar and choose the language.

On the other hand, Samsung Keyboard supports 87 languages (manually counted), supporting multiple input modes. The input modes are fewer than SwiftKey. For example, for English (US, UK, and AU), it only supports QWERTY and 3×4 modes.

Winner: SwiftKey. Score: SwiftKey: 2 | Samsung Keyboard: 1.

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Role of the internet

SwiftKey benefits from this round as Samsung Keyboard does not offer to browse the internet. The app supports both Google and Bing search engines.

When you search for something, a new window pops up with search results. Unlike Gboard, SwiftKey allows searching for everything. Sharing is a little bit difficult, but you have an option to take a screenshot and send in the message.

Translation in SwiftKey Keyboard
Translation in SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard also comes with the translation feature. The app uses Bing Translate to translate the text into over 70 languages. You can also install the Microsoft Translator to translate the text offline. The app works by typing in the chosen language and the app types in the target language.

Winner: SwiftKey. Score: SwiftKey: 3 | Samsung Keyboard: 1.

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Other features

The last round in SwiftKey vs. Samsung Keyboard battle is about the little things which might make a difference.

Microsoft SwiftKey

  • Typing stats is one of the unique elements
  • Automatically enables the incognito mode in the browser’s private mode
  • Learns the words as you type
  • Predicts Emojis as you type

Samsung Keyboard

  • Offers to add custom symbols to the period key menu
  • Offers a search bar to find emojis.
  • Supports text and screenshot clipboard
  • Supports Bitmoji and mojitok to suggest stickers in the selected apps

Winner: Samsung Keyboard. Score: SwiftKey: 3 | Samsung Keyboard: 2.

Which one is for you?

The overall difference between the two is one point. Both offer the same and some unique elements. SwiftKey is advanced, while Samsung Keyboard fulfills the basic requirements.

For a tech-savvy person who types a lot and types in multiple languages, or someone who likes a new keyboard style very often, SwiftKey is for them, while for a typical person who does not type a lot and needs something to get things done, Samsung Keyboard is for them.

Wrap up

SwiftKey vs. Samsung Keyboard covered the essential topics. I hope the comparison helped you choose the ultimate app. Please share your views in the comments below so we can discuss more.

Image information: All images belong to respected companies. Some of the images are under Creative Commons and Attribution-Share, similar to 3.0 Unported licenses.

Shelley L

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

I have a Samsung S20. I was looking for a keyboard or a setting to always capitalize the i when it is typed alone. Samsung does not auto capitalize the i.


Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

SwiftKey does that, and I think Gbaord does that too.