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DuckDuckGo vs. Brave

DuckDuckGo vs. Brave

DuckDuckGo is a search engine on the desktop, but it’s also an app on mobile. Brave is also a renowned web browser available on desktops and phones.

Although both are fine, which one should you be using? In this article, we take both for a ride and cover DuckDuckGo vs. Brave.


DuckDuckGo and Brave Interface
DuckDuckGo and Brave Interface

Being an app and a private web browser, DuckDuckGo is equipped with a simple interface.

In the DuckDuckGo application, you find the URL bar and settings on the screen’s top.

You can access the tabs and bookmarks library in the lower right of the interface. The interface is simple to understand and navigate.

On the other hand, the Brave app’s interface shows the recent and most accessed sites on the front page.

You have the address bar on the top with tracking info and Brave rewards. The Brave Rewards program lets you earn coins that you can give to creators of websites or cash out in your account.

At the bottom, Brave has a search icon, tabs collections, and access to more of Brave features.

Like DuckDuckGo, the Brave interface is simple. The app’s layout is easy to grasp and understand, which makes it a compatible match for many users.


DuckDuckGo and Brave have extensive features that make their use more likable. Each program has a variety of functions, some similar while some different.


DuckDuckGo App Icons on Android
DuckDuckGo App Icons on Android

DuckDuckGo offers features that include:

  • Bookmarks and favorites: The app offers folders to store bookmarks and favorite sites separately.
  • Links in apps: The DuckDuckGo app can open links in the associated apps. For example, Google Docs document links can be opened in Google Docs.
  • Mac app: The program offers a desktop app for macOS devices.
  • App icon: You can change the icon color with the six choices.
  • Manage cookies: You can let the app take care of cookie consent pop-ups.


Brave VPN on Android
Brave VPN on Android

Brave also comes with a wide range of options:

  • VPN: Brave offers a premium VPN to protect your presence online. You get a 7-day free trial.
  • Offline playlist: The app lets users keep a playlist of their favorite videos to watch offline.
  • Private video calls: The Brave Talk feature lets you video call up to 4 users without creating an account.
  • Crypto wallet: Brave has a built-in Crypto wallet.
  • Bookmarks library: Unlike DuckDuckGo, Brave offers bookmark storage.
  • Voice search: Brave uses Google Input System to let you search with your voice. 
  • Links in apps: Like DuckDuckGo, Brave has an option to open links in the associated apps.

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Security and privacy

DuckDuckGo vs Brave
DuckDuckGo vs. Brave Privacy Options on iPhone

Both browsers block ads and tracking scripts. However, you can allow ads and trackers for websites.

Both come with a clean button that clears your data. DuckDuckGo calls it the Fire button, visible on the top, and Brave has the “Clear data on exit” and “Clear growing data” buttons in the privacy settings.

DuckDuckGo offers an Email protection feature where you register for a “@duck” address and give that to companies.

The service removes all the trackers from your emails and sends emails to your original address.

The app also gives each website a security score that can be accessed by tapping on the small icon before the site’s address.

The best thing about this option is that it shows the website’s original score and the score after adjusting the privacy settings.

Another feature, enabled by default, is Global Privacy Control (GPC), which asks websites not to sell your data. The same option is available in Brave.

Lastly, for better browsing, the app has the Fireproof Site option that does not erase cookies on specific websites with the Fire button to help you stay logged in.

Brave, on the other hand, offers numerous security features that you can enable. Here we have listed down all its security features:

  • Block cross-site trackers
  • Upgrade connection to HTTPS
  • Block phishing and malware
  • Auto-redirect AMP pages
  • Block scripts
  • Block all cookies
  • Block fingerprinting
  • Block pop-ups
  • Block dangerous sites
  • Browser lock

You can enable/disable each option in the privacy settings. Also, most of those can be modified for each website while browsing.

Round Review: Brave gives you more control over choosing what to enable and disable. However, this round is a tie.

Search engines

Search Engines in Brave
Search Engines in Brave

Being a private app and search engine, DuckDuckGo does not come with a search engine option.

Brave, contrarily, asks you to choose a search engine when you use it for a few minutes. The default is selected in Google, but you can choose any from the list below:

  • Brave
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Google
  • Qwant
  • Bing
  • Startpage
  • Ecosia

The app also does a great job of displaying the features of those search engines. You can change the search engine at any time in the settings.

Round Review: Brave wins the round.

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Speed test

DuckDuckGo vs. Brave Speed Test

To see which browser performs well, I did a simple speed test. I went to my website and checked who loaded the site faster. I cleared the cache and storage files before the test.

In the speed test, DuckDuckGo took 3.11 seconds to fully load the website, whereas Brave took about 2.4 seconds, leaving DuckDuck behind.

Round Review: The winner of this speed test was Brave.


DuckDuckGo, like the search engine options, does not support syncing.

Brave allows the syncing of data across devices using either the QR code, sync code, or secure link.

Brave mobile supports syncing of:

  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords
  • Autofill data
  • History
  • Payment information
  • Open tabs
  • Settings

Round Review: Brave takes this round as well.

Brave code injecting news

Brave was caught injecting their referral codes when users tried visiting websites like Binance. Although the issue was fixed, it’s not a good image on a privacy-focused browser.

Which one is for you

In terms of security, both browsers are excellent. Both offer extensive and unique features for a good user experience, but both are different in some respects.

If you want a completely private browsing experience, DuckDuckGo is a reliable option.

If you are looking for moderate privacy options with access to most browsing features, Brave is the browser to go. However, things like code injection is one of the reasons I don’t trust Brave.

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