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Samsung Notes vs. Evernote

Samsung Notes vs. Evernote

With millions of apps on Google Play, you always find something for your needs. Productivity is one of the things people use their phones for. And note-taking is productive work if you perform it correctly.

Samsung Notes and Evernote are two popular note-taking applications. What makes them different? The article takes an in-depth look into both and covers Samsung Notes vs. Evernote.


What tools do both apps support in Samsung Notes vs. Evernote comparison? The table below is all you need to find out.

Samsung NotesEvernote
Bold text
Italicised text
Underline text
Numbered and bulleted lists
Text align (left, right, or centre)
Indent text
Change text color
Highlight text (many colors)
Change font size
Attach images
Take an image
Attach PDF
Record audio
Attach an audio file
Add a text box
Draw over the text
Bold text
Italicised text
Underline text
Text indent
Strikethrough text
Highlight text
Add line break
Attach images
Take images (intelligent camera to auto-capture and crop)
Record audio
Attach PDF
Attach other files
Attach a file from Google Drive
Tools comparison


Samsung Notes

  • Galaxy Note: Opens up a note page to draw when the pen is removed from Galaxy Note while the phone is on standby.
  • Importing documents: Allows importing documents from the phone, Samsung account, and Google Drive.
  • Importing PDFs: Allows importing and editing PDF files.


  • Dark theme: Comes with a separate dark theme option
  • Templates: Comes with over 65 templates
  • Integration: Allows Google Drive integration to preview Google Drive links
  • Contact details: Automatically saves the contact details of captured business card


Samsung Notes vs Evernote
The interface of Samsung Notes and Evernote

Samsung Notes uses a simple design by displaying all the notes on the main screen. The app supports the dark theme, but it does not come with an option to enable the dark mode manually. It detects the phone’s active mode and applies the theme.

Like other note-taking apps, Samsung Notes supports searching for note titles and text.

Conversely, Evernote is not as simple as Samsung Notes, but that’s because it has extended options. You get all the notes on the main interface by adding a new note button down the bottom.

Searching for titles and text is supported, while the left menu offers all app options.

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Samsung offers Samsung Notes on Android devices. The desktop software is available, which supports some Windows-powered devices, but it does not sync with the mobile app as Samsung has not developed it. It has almost the same features and looks.

The app is pre-installed on Samsung devices, while you can download it from Google Play on other Android devices.

On the other hand, Evernote is available for mobile phones, desktop computers, and iPad devices. You can also access the app online by logging into your account.

Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is a free extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge to screenshot web pages and save them to your notes. You can use the clipper to save and annotate web pages, PDFs, and articles.

Sharing and exporting

Sharing Features of Samsung Notes and Evernote
Sharing Features of Samsung Notes and Evernote

This round goes to Samsung Notes because the app offers to share and exporting notes. In comparison, Evernote only offers sharing features.

Samsung Notes allows the collaboration of notebooks and pages. One can also export an SDOCX file, which can be opened in Samsung Notes, including the PC version.

The app also lets you export the notes in PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, image, and text files.

With Evernote, you can share a note with the view, edit, and invite permissions. The action can be completed by sending an email or a link. Regarding exporting, it only supports sending the note in an email.

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Android widgets

Both support three types of widgets on Android. With Samsung Notes, you can create a new or open a note. Evernote contrarily comes with two widgets:

  • Evernote actions allow creating new text, photos, recordings, or drawing notes.
  • The List widget is for viewing the notes on the homepage.

Furthermore, the app comes with an option to create new widgets.


Evernote Plans

Samsung Notes is free, but Evernote isn’t. The free plan limits the below functionalities:

  • Two devices at max
  • 60 MB monthly upload limit
  • 25 MB of note at max
  • Offline access only on the desktop version
  • Limited sharing and integration options

The premium version is offered in two variations: individual and team. The individual premium costs $10 per month, enabling:

  • Unlimited devices
  • 10 GB monthly upload limit
  • 200 MB of note size
  • Offline access on both desktop and mobile versions
  • Extended sharing and integration options

The team-driven plan costs $16.5 per month per user and offers extra features alongside some team-focused tools. The list of full features can be found on the official website.

Which one is for you?

If you want the free stuff on your Android device, then Samsung Notes is for you. I suggest using Evernote if you have two different devices and sync the notes as you go.

Samsung Notes offers the basic tools, but you can’t take your ideas with you all time regardless of the platform, which makes me a little bit worried.

Samsung Notes vs. Evernote: Try

Wrap up

The article Samsung Notes vs. Evernote covered the critical aspects of both. I hope the information in the article was helpful. There is nothing more important than real-user feedback.

If you have time, please share your views about the about in the comments down below.


Monday 12th of December 2022

Samsung Notes *does* sync between Android devices and PCs (I use this feature regularly). It appears to be the more complete solution.


Monday 26th of September 2022

I've spent the last week transferring all my notes from Evernote to Samsung Notes. I do have two thoughts about your article. First, Samsung Notes does offer dark screen. I use that on my cellphone. I'm also confused about the part where you say that you can't take them with you. I use Samsung Note on my Windows computer with the Microsoft Store app. I also use it on my cellphone and my tablet. They all sync beautifully with no issues so I can access them on the road or at home.


Monday 26th of September 2022

@Sheryl, Thanks, Sherly, for your words. Let me clarify below:

1. Yes, both come with a dark theme, but Evernote has a separate option to turn it on/off. Samsung Notes automatically detects the device's theme. There is no option to manually turn it on/off in the settings.

2. Samsung Notes PC app is not available for all PCs. It can be downloaded on Surface (i think) and some touch screen 2-1 Windows PCs.