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TeraBox Review

TeraBox Review


✔️ 1TB free storage
✔️ Time-based sharing
✔️ Desktop and mobile apps
✔️ Image, video, and music sections
✔️ Safe folder


❌ Videos play on a separate page
720 video size max
❌ No PDF support
❌ No Office and Google Workspace Support
❌ Not-so-good sharing tools
❌ 500 file limit
❌ No ZIP support

Final verdict

After using it and researching the internet, I suggest using the service for unimportant files.

It offers 1TB, but its past scares me a bit. It used to be Dubox, and they stored data in the Chinese and Hong Kong servers.


Storage: 1TB
Platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS
Offline access: On mobile
Sharing: Links and email
Pricing: $0 to $47.99 per year


Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Interface with ads

TeraBox Web Interface
TeraBox Web Interface

TeraBox looks like the other cloud storage programs but with ads.

The left navigation is okay but gives a random username on the top that you can’t edit. We also have a recycle bin option which seems to work fine.

Sharing issues

Sharing Files in TeraBox

One of the critical factors of cloud storage programs is sharing files. I tried sharing a couple of files to an email, but it gave me an error. I tried sharing again, and the same error was displayed.

It also supports sharing links, but like the email issue, I could not share links. So, right now, there is no way of sharing files with users, which is sad.

Anyhow, you can use the link expiry (7 or 30 days) or leave it as permanent.

The sharing option also has a password protection feature, but there wasn’t any password field on the password screen.


TeraBox Desktop App
TeraBox Desktop App

TeraBox has a desktop application, which more or less looks like the web version. You don’t see ads on the interface, but sometimes, an ad pops up from the notification tray.

The desktop app has a few extra options like “folder backup.” The app shows a floating icon that can quickly open the software. You can also drag and drop files to the icon to upload to the drive.

You can disable this icon from settings if you don’t like it on your desktop.

One thing missing is the folder in the navigation pane of Windows. I did not miss it a lot, but still, a folder to easily upload files would have been nice.


On the TeraBox desktop, you can back up selected folders and access them on other devices. The monthly backup size is 5GB, and a total of 5 folders in the free version.

Android and iOS

The Android app has over 100 million downloads, with an average rating of 4.7. It has about a 4.4 rating on the App Store.

The application has a home tab that shows the recently uploaded and recently viewed photos and videos.

The phone app has a feature to open the camera in the app and upload photos taken to the drive automatically.

The application also offers a night mode, which changes the interface’s background text colors.

They used just to reduce the phone’s brightness in the dark mode, but the company has now implemented standard dark mode features.

Moreover, when you open the app, it shows a five-second non-skippable TeraBox premium ad. You also see random ads while browsing the app.

Finally, the app has an offline mode showing all the downloaded files.

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Video downloader

The Android app of TeraBox has an additional option of downloading videos from Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

You can download videos by logging in to your social account or inserting the link to the video.

Signing up

Along with the email and phone number system, the app offers to log in through Google, Facebook, or Apple ID.

If you sign up using an email or phone number, the app does not ask for your name or other details. As mentioned, you get a randomly generated username.

Sign-up note: If you sign up using your email, you must sign in with your email. If you choose Google to sign in, the app will create a separate account (two accounts in total).

TeraBox review: Minimal file support

Opening Files in TeraBox

Yes, you read it. It does not offer to open many file types. You can upload any file, but opening files is not an operation.

You can open a few images and video formats, but the support for any document files (Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, SVG, PDF, etc.) is out of reach.

Personal Vault

Like OneDrive, TeraBox offers a safe folder called Personal Vault that can be used to password-protect files. The vault requires a 4-digit PIN, and If you forget the PIN, there is no way to open the folder.

You can request a new vault; the action deletes the existing folder first. The personal vault option is only available on the app’s desktop version.

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Downloading content

Downloading Files in TeraBox Desktop
Downloading Files in TeraBox Desktop

The company claims to limit downloads on the free tier. You most likely get the slowest speed if you download large files from the web version.

The app recommends using the desktop version to download files, which offers better speed. However, I did not see any difference.

False advertising

TeraBox False Advertising
TeraBox False Advertising

So, their website suggests that we can store up to 300,000 photos with the space we get. They also send an email, but their free plan only offers to upload 500 files.

So, you can save only 500 images if you want to upload photos only.

Is TeraBox safe?

TeraBox Privacy Policy
TeraBox Privacy Policy

This is a gray topic for this review because they used to store data in China and Hong Kong, but they store content in Japan now.

Their privacy policy suggests that they might share data with customer support and the IT department to provide support to our customers.

The privacy policy also says they may share data with authorities in special circumstances.

Furthermore, I checked the homepage and other pages but could not find the about us and customer support pages. They provide a blog page where most articles are in the Thai language.

So, until we don’t have a physical address and a working blog in English, I consider TeraBox as not safe.


In the final section of the TeraBox review, we will discover the benefits of its premium plan. The free plan of TeraBox limits:

  • Videos streaming to 720p
  • No video backup on mobile phones
  • 500 max number of files
  • 4GB file upload limit
  • 200MB safe folder space
  • 10-day recycle bin limit
  • Slow download speed

The premium plan extends some while removing some limits:

  • 2TB of storage
  • Ad-free service
  • Ultra-fast downloading speed
  • 1080p video streaming
  • 50,000 file limit
  • 20GB file size limit
  • 2TB safe folder space
  • 30-day recycle bin limit
  • Automatic folder backup (Android only)
  • Audio playback speed control 
  • Multi-speed video playback
  • Photo editing (app only)
  • Automatic video backup

Should you get it?

If you use online storage often, I recommend going elsewhere. TeraBox does not support some basic file formats and has issues while sharing files.

Other services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc., are available. In fact, I have compared OneDrive and Box to find the ideal software.

So, it’s a no from me. Except if you have some large files that are unimportant, you can give it a go.