TickTick vs. Todoist (2021)

TickTick vs Todoist
TickTick vs. Todoist

The internet is flooded with task management programs. In this race, two popular tools are TickTick and Todoist. What would the comparison look like? Let’s find out in the TickTick vs Todoist battle.

What are both


TickTick Overview

TickTick is a task management tool that helps to organise all aspects of your life. It is a one-stop destination to add tasks and get them done in an organised way.

Anyone from an individual to a team can use this application. However, its free plan is suitable only for an individual as you can’t share your work or invite anyone for free.


Todoist Overview

Todoist is a task management tool used mainly by small and medium-sized businesses. The application can be best categorised as your to-do list. You can add up to 5 members for free. but this limitation is removed in the premium plan


Let’s take a look at all the free tools both support.

Common features

Being very similar, you find many matching options:

  • Add Tasks: You can add tasks with sub-tasks, descriptions, reminders, attachments and more.
  • Kanban boards: Both support kanban style boards.
  • Task priority: Set task priorities to better organise your tasks.
  • Notifications: Both can send email and push notifications about tasks, comments, completed tasks and more.


TickTick offers a wide variety of features. Some of them are:

  • Habits: Create habits to push harder. Habits is a check-in option for your work. The tool reminds you on specific days at a certain time about your work or anything else you want it to remind you. You get to fill in the habit name, frequency, goal, and reminder options.
  • Statistics: This section is divided into two parts: Overview and Tasks. The former shows metrics such as achievement score, recent completion curve, productivity rate, while the latter displays information related to the tasks such as tasks completed, completion rate, etc.
  • Collaboration: The worklist can be shared with 29 members. However, the owner must be a premium user. The rest of the members can be free users, but they will not enjoy premium benefits.


  • Goals: The app helps to set and achieve goals (a similar option in TickTick is habit tracker).
  • Filters: Filters are available for free in Todoist. You can filter by tags, priority, dates, etc.
  • Collaboration: The work can be shared with up to 5 members in the free plan, but the number gets increased in the paid ones.

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Both support browsers, desktop computers, and mobile phones. TickTick also supports Apple Watch, while Todoist, in addition to Apple Watch, supports Wear OS.

Mobile apps

TickTick and Todoist Mobile Apps
TickTick and Todoist Mobile Apps

Apps are part of the Todoist vs. TickTick comparison because mobile is also used for task management these days. The mobile apps of both are similar to the desktop ones in terms of features. Both use the default Android and iOS layouts, while you can sign in and up using the same type of options.

Moving to widgets on Android, you find ten widgets for TickTick, while Todoist comes with three widgets in total.


This part of the TickTick vs. Todoist article looks at the integrations both offer. Some TickTick apps are:

  • Zapier
  • Gmail
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Spark
  • Outlook
  • Slack
  • Shortcuts
  • Google Assistant 

On the other hand, you find the below tools on Todoist:

  • Gmail
  • Slack
  • Dropbox
  • Trello
  • Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Zapier
  • Google Drive

Both do not limit integrations in their free plans, while you can request third-party apps if you can’t find your app on their website.

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You get a paid plan on both, while we also see a Business plan on Todoist. The Premium plan of TickTick unlocks:

  • Calendar view
  • Customised filters
  • Folders
  • Previous changes
  • Premium themes

The plan costs $17.99 per year, which is about $2.33 per month. Students can also get a 25% discount on the premium plan and only pay $20.99 for the subscription.

The Pro plan of Todoist costs $48 per year ($4 per month). You can also subscribe to the monthly plan and pay $5.50 per month. The Pro plan offers:

  • Up to 300 active projects
  • 150 filters
  • Up to 100MB of file attachments
  • Reminders
  • Activity history
  • More themes

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Both are well-established software packages. If you want an app for yourself, either will work fine. If you need a task management app for your team, I recommend trying TickTick first because it is cost-effective. You should also write down the features you need and see which app offers those features to find the best program.

Anyway, the comparison TickTick vs Todoist ends here. Thanks for reading the article. I hope it helped you see the difference between the two. Before going, please share your thoughts in the comments so that others can benefit. Also, down below are the links to go to both websites.

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