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YouTube vs. YouTube Music

YouTube vs YouTube Music
YouTube vs. YouTube Music

YouTube and YouTube Music are two different services. YouTube is for videos, while Music is designed for music. How do both differ in 2022, and which one should you use? The article covers YouTube vs. YouTube Music.

The difference

YouTube vs YT Music Home
YouTube vs YT Music Home

As mentioned, YouTube is for everything, even for music. The good old app has all you need. YouTube Music only contains the music part of YouTube.

When you search on YouTube Music, the app finds the audio songs uploaded by song publishers/owners. Those songs are of high quality, so sometimes, you will feel the difference when you listen to the same song on both.

Also, in some songs, you find the previews or intro before the song on YouTube. YouTube Music songs do not have those stores. The app is purely about playing music.

That being said, YouTube Music also pulls the songs from YouTube. You most likely find YouTube video songs below the audio songs while searching, but if the app does not find the music file, it shows songs from YouTube.

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Video/audio player

YouTube and YouTube Music Player
YouTube and YouTube Music

Well, we know about the YouTube player. Along with the basic options, you have:

  • video quality
  • autoplay
  • video mode
  • captions
  • annotations
  • playback speed

Other than that, in YouTube vs YouTube Music, you have the channel name, views, likes, subscribers count, and video description.

YouTube Music, on the contrary, comes with the necessary options with like, volume, shuffle play, and autoplay options. If the song is from YouTube, you see the total views and likes below the song title.


You get your YouTube playlists (songs) on YT Music, but if you create a new playlist on YouTube Music, you don’t find it on YouTube. Your playlists created on YT Music are specific to YT Music.

Smart TV

Both come with a cast option to play videos and music on smart TVs regardless of the app. You can also download the YouTube app from stores on many smart TVs.

The app can then be connected to the mobile app using the cast option on the same wifi network, or you can use the code displayed on the TV to connect both if using mobile data on your phone.

YouTube Music, on the contrary, is only available to download on Android TV.

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Songs recommendations

When you play a song on YouTube, you find songs and mix recommendations. Most recommendations are from your history, while in the mix, you find some new songs too. As the next video plays, the recommendations change.

With YT Music, every time you play a song, the app automatically finds related songs and songs from your history and creates a queue. A tab called “lyrics” is also available to see the current song’s lyrics. This option only works for music (not for YouTube videos).

Your music

Your Uploads on YT Music
Your Uploads on YT Music

One thing that YouTub Music is great at is uploading your music files. All those songs are saved separately in the app, and you can download them and listen to them offline on any of your devices.

Background play

The background option is enabled if you have a premium subscription. Both do not allow playing music in the background in many regions for free, but The Verge has rep[sorted a couple of workarounds.

YouTube Premium vs YT Music

Both have almost the same features. You get to stream content ad-free, offline, and in the background. YouTube Premium costs $11.99 per month, while YT Music Premium costs $9.99 per month.

Both offer student and family discounts, and you get to enjoy the first month for free.

The YouTube Premium subscription for students costs $6.99 per month, while families of up to 5 people (six in total) can enjoy the service for $17.99 per month.

YouTube Music, on the other hand, costs $4.99 if you are a student and $14.99 if you subscribe to the family plan.

Other features

  • Charts: YouTube Music shows the top charts globally and in specific countries
  • Equaliser: Change the sound settings in the YT Music app
  • Mood 7 genres: The YT Music app comes with a section to play the specific genres of songs.
  • Personalised home: You get a personalised list of songs, playlists, and recommendations on the YT Music app home.
  • Google Assistant: If you ask Google Assistant to play a song, it will play on YT Music (if installed).

Which one is better

Well, if YouTube has made a different app for music, they are onto something. YouTube Music is for people who listen to music quite often. Although I found its song recommendations useless initially, the app picked up my taste, and now I always use YouTube Music.

I suggest using it at least for a week before switching back to YouTube.

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YouTube vs YouTube Music: Links

The bottom line

The debate: YouTube vs. YouTube Music ends here. Please let me know which app you will be using in the comments, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Karen Stepeck

Wednesday 2nd of March 2022

I have both YouTube icons on my Sanyo Android phone. I subscribe to UTube music and have several speakers that I use to play the music thru. I havent used it in quite awhile and last night I couldnt get the music to come thru the speakers but it came thru the TV set down stairs and we had to turn the TV off, turn off YouTube Music And UTub! before we turned the TV back on! I am getting music on plain UTube, Why and why cant I get the music thru my small speakers?