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Google Keep vs. Google Tasks

Google Keep vs Tasks
Google Keep vs Tasks

Google has developed so many apps to help you make the most of your phone, and two of those are Google Keep and Tasks. How can we compare both? The article does that by covering Google Keep vs Google Tasks.

What’s the difference?

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking app. The program will be precious to anyone who wishes to write down their thoughts or something memorable or use later. The app is available on mobile devices, while you can access it in a browser.

One of the best things about Google Keep is its simplicity and accessibility. It works with your Google account and uses your allocated storage to save notes. But, because of its nature, it does not offer a wide range of note-taking tools.

Compared to other apps, Google Keep offers the least number of options because you don’t get rich editing tools. You can expect:

  • Add text notes
  • Add list notes
  • Set reminders
  • Add collaborators
  • Change a note’s background colour
  • Insert or take pictures
  • Handwrite notes
  • Record voice
  • Delete notes
  • Convert notes to Google Docs file
  • Pin notes to the top
  • Create and attach labels to notes (like tags)

Google Tasks

Google Tasks

Google Tasks, on the other hand, helps to set and organise tasks. Keep offers a couple of options that the Tasks app offers, but Tasks is more advanced in managing tasks.

Like Keep, Tasks is also super easy to use, and it is available on Android and iOS devices; while the web version is not available on its own, other Google apps support the tool. The app comes with a few options:

  • Add a list (work, home etc.)
  • Add tasks to lists
  • Set reminders
  • Add task details
  • Complete tasks

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Reminder options

Google Keep Reminder Options
Google Keep Reminder Options

The first section of Google Keep vs. Google Tasks is the reminder tool. With Google Keep, you can set one reminder per note at a time.

The app shows a few quick times to choose, but you can select your own date and time or even a location if you want to be reminded of a certain location. You see the below options while setting up a reminder:

  • date
  • time
  • repeat options (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and custom)
  • place

The app offers three default reminding options (morning, afternoon, and evening), and you can change the timing for each to adjust the app according to your style.

On the other hand, Google Tasks shows a calendar view with time and repeat options below the calendar. It does not offer the place option like Keeps.

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Google Tasks List Widget
Google Tasks List Widget

Starting with Keep, you get two widgets on Android:

  • The note list widget shows your notes right on the home screen. When you add this widget, it asks you to choose your account (if using multiple) and notes type (all notes, pinned notes, reminders, or a label). Depending on your selection, you will see notes.
  • The quick capture is a bar to quickly add a list, audio, handwriting, or a camera note.

Google Tasks, on the contrary, also comes with two widgets:

  • The task list widget is for seeing your most recent tasks. The widget also comes with: mark a task as complete and change the task list options.
  • The icon widget is simply an icon to quickly open the app from the home screen.

Integration options

Google Keep and Google Tasks Integration in Google Calendar
Google Keep and Google Tasks Integration in Google Calendar

Both Google Keep and Tasks can be opened from Google Calendar and Gmail websites. As discussed with the Keep app, you also have an option to convert notes to Google Docs if you need rich editing options.

On Android, once you set up the Tasks app, it automatically integrates with Google Calendar to show your tasks on specific days.

Which app should you use?

The answer focuses on the purpose. As mentioned, Google Keep is for taking notes, so if you need an app that can do that, go with Google Keep. The app offers simple reminding options, which can help from time to time.

If you need an app to add tasks and get notifications about those tasks, then Google Tasks is the app you need in your digital world.

Google Keep vs Tasks: Instal


Google Keep and Tasks are similar-looking applications but designed for different purposes. The article Google Keep vs. Google Tasks covered the essential tools. I hope it helped you understand the two and choose the right tool. Please let me know if you have questions.