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7 Free & Best Notion Board Templates

7 Free & Best Notion Board Templates

Notion is vast and can work in many project types. I have been using Notion for years, and here, I will cover some of my favorite Notion board templates that will help you get things done.

Goal Tracker

Goal Tracker Notion Template
Goal Tracker Notion Template

Those looking to track their goals in almost any industry will benefit from this Goal Tracker template. It brings some categories, including:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Wealth & Finance
  • Business & Career

However, the best part is the table view below, which lets you add goals and pick one of those categories. The template also has a status option to choose the status of a goal.

On the top, you will find a Tasks database that contains the tasks to achieve. The template does not have reminders, but adding reminders is easy in Notion.

Kanban Board

Kanban Board Notion Template
Kanban Board Notion Template

Notion’s own Kanban Board is the simplest yet most potent board template. It has two Kanban boards for two categories. For me, I set them for my blog and YouTube.

Each board has to-do, in-progress, and completed lists. However, if you view the extended boards, you will also see testing and reviewing lists.

Each card has assign, deadline, team, and status properties to display on the board. You can also add information about the task on the page.


Notion Board Template
Flashcards Notion Template

Flashcards is another best Notion board template. It is a task-management template but with some advanced features.

You add cards on the board on the top. Those cards have the date, description, status, tag, and other properties.

Below this board is a review section. If you have reviewed a card today, it will be in that area, helping you and others check and stay updated.

I have made a list of the top templates for content creators. Check those if you are a content creator.


Dashboard Notion Template
Dashboard Notion Template

The next Dashboard is excellent if you like to track your life’s journey as you go. It has four sections: Daily, Personal, Life, and Misc. In each tab, you have relevant notes.

For example, under Personal, you find notes, a dream log, a budget tracker, and more. You can add the details as they happen and return on future dates to see how you have grown.

It has a weather widget on the right and a section to add images to see your journey’s top moments. You can check and add other top weather widgets to this template.

School Dashboard

School Dashboard Notion Template
School Dashboard Notion Template

The next one of the best Notion board templates is School Dashboard. It combines task, time, and even stress management options.

You can add external links to calendars, notes, assignments, and more in a separate section. Each class has a tab to add upcoming tasks.

The template has an Essays page to attach significant assignments. The section contains a Kanban-style board to move tasks from one section to another.

The template also has a Pomodoro Timer and breathing exercise widgets to utilize time and reduce stress. Check the best Notion student templates next.

Notion Board Templates: Life Dashboard

Life Dashboard Notion Template
Life Dashboard Notion Template

Another template to set your life goals and see them completed is Life Dashboard. The template is split into many categories to set daily, weekly, and even yearly tasks.

Down the bottom is where you find actions. You insert the action details with the due date and mark them once complete.

Lastly, setting up some projects and attaching them to tasks for better management is possible. The template is all about tasks and completing your near future and lifelong tasks.

Blue Dashboard

Blue Dashboard Notion Template
Blue Dashboard Notion Template

I have mentioned Blue Dashboard in my aesthetic Notion template list, but its main job is to complete tasks.

It has multiple boards to manage projects efficiently. The Year tab is where you add the tasks, achievements, and top moments.

Then you have a daily plan and habit tracker pages to build better habits. The template has a section for each day of the week to set tasks.

Lastly, adding school assignments or big projects with images, attachments, details, and more is possible. The template is more for students, but with a few clicks, it can be modified.