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StreamYard vs Streamlabs (2022)

StreamYard vs Streamlabs
StreamYard vs Streamlabs

I have used StreamYard and Streamlabs, and I can indeed say that both are great at streaming. With lots of free features, you won’t be disappointed. But you won’t be using both. So, StreamYard or Streamlabs? Here is an article exploring StreamYard vs Streamlabs to help you choose between the two.

Quick overview

StreamYard vs Streamlabs
Benefits of StreamYard and Streamlabs

StreamYard is a web-based streaming platform supporting multiple streaming services. Streamlabs is a freemium desktop program to record and stream your webcam and computer. It is a bit complicated but offers a wide range of options and supports the most popular streaming services.


Here are the free benefits that you get in both programs.


StreamYard Broadcast Studio

Studio: StreamYard offers a live streaming studio to add banners, overlays, videos, etc.

Branding: Although you don’t have many free options, you get a few to promote your brand.

Embedding videos: As the program is web-based, it offers to embed recorded videos to your own website.

No software required: Of course, you don’t need a desktop application to use StreamYard.

Insights: The program offers analytics to see your engagement to improve your future streams.

Team members and guests: The power of StreamYard is to invite team members and guests to live streams.


Streamlabs Quick Overview

No internet required: You need the internet connection to stream, but you don’t need the connection to record.

Detects games automatically: If you add a game capture widget, the software will automatically detect the opened game.

Scenes and sources: Streamlabs offers scenes and sources to quickly switch between different streaming workspaces.

Chatbot: While streaming, the chatbot can remove unwanted comments and spam to protect you and your followers.

Multi-platform streaming: Although the option is premium, you get limited free multi-streaming features.

Supports tips: Streamlabs supports accepting tips and stuff. It also brings a tip ticker widget to show the progress in the live stream.

Mobile app: The program brings a mobile app to stream your mobile games.

Open-source code: Streamlabs uses OBS, and OBS source code is available. However, Streamlabs itself is open-source, meaning you can contribute to its development.

Widgets: There are many widgets to add to the live stream, including subscriptions, donation goals, spin wheel, etc. You must be signed in to see and use those widgets.

Overlays: There are many overlays to customize the stream.

Test option: You can test to ensure everything is fine before going live.

Themes: There are plenty of free and premium themes.

Pre-made scenes: Many of those themes offer built-in scenes, such as live, be right back, intermission, etc.

Dashboard: Like StreamYard, Streamlabs offers a dashboard to see your engagement, views, and other data on where viewers are most engaged.

Fundraiser: You can raise funds for a charity. Streamlabs does not charge any money.

Free sound: Streamlabs has a free sound library to download free sound effects.

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Streaming platforms

StreamYard Supported Platforms
StreamYard Supported Platforms – Courtesy StreamYard

StreamYard supports a handful of platforms. You can only stream to one platform for free. Here is the full list:

  • Facebook page/group
  • Facebook profile
  • LinkedIn page/profile
  • YouTube channel
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Hopin

Other than that, it supports all other platforms that support the RTMP stream on its premium plans. Streamlabs supports fewer platforms. Strangely, it uses OBS’s code, and OBS supports over 50 platforms. Anyway, here is the full list:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Facebook

You can add a custom platform supporting RTMP for free.


This is where both lack in this StreamYard vs Streamlabs battle. StreamYard is what it is. It does not support any integrations. Streamlabs supports a few, including Discord and Skype, but that’s pretty much it.

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StreamYard vs Streamlabs OBS: Pricing

StreamYard vs Streamlabs
Pricing comparison

StreamYard offers two paid plans to target many users. The free plan offers to add up to 6 members on the screen, but you can only stream for 20 hours a month. It also shows its logo in the live streams.

To increase the participant limit and eliminate the 20 hours limit, you can consider the $25/mo or $240/yr Basic subscription. It also gives you the power to add your brand logos and overlays. You also get to:

  • Save the first 6 hours of the stream to your account
  • Multi-stream on 3 platforms
  • Add your backgrounds
  • 50 hours of cloud storage

The final subscription offers other options that you don’t find in both free and Basic plans. The Professional subscription provides:

  • download audio of the full live stream
  • stream on full HD quality
  • add multiple cameras
  • save the first 10 hours to the streaming and download the audio or the video file.

The plan is for users who already have a massive audience because if someone does not, paying $39/mo or $468/yr is useless.

Alright, let’s talk about Streamlabs. It only offers one paid plan called Prime. The subscription is beneficial for those who already have a following because the plan’s options don’t suit new streamers. Anyway, the plan comes with:

  • Merch sell support
  • 62 apps
  • Multi-streaming support
  • Premium themes with scenes and sources
  • Paid sponsorships
  • Custom tip page to fit your brand

It costs $19/mo, but you can save a few bucks on the yearly plan by paying $149.

Which one is better?

StreamYard is beneficial for people who want to invite guests and do video podcasts and stuff. Streamlabs is for individuals to record and stream games, tutorials, and more.

StreamYard is a paid program with some limitations, so Streamlabs may benefit those who are just starting because most of its features are free.



Alright, this is where you and I part ways. Thanks for reading the StreamYard vs Streamlabs comparison. Please take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments and subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated.