Afterpay vs. Sezzle

Afterpay vs Sezzle
Afterpay vs Sezzle

Afterpay is one of the top 30 companies in Australia, and Sezzle is just like Afterpay operating in the US and Canada. Undoubtedly, the buy now, pay later industry is has become popular, but how to decide the best service to use? After all, nobody likes to switch after signing up for a service.

After putting many factors into account, here is an Afterpay vs. Sezzle comparison. We will dig deep into both and cover the essential factors to help you decide the right tool for your shopping needs.


Afterpay vs Sezzle Availability
Afterpay vs Sezzle Availability

Afterpay is available in five countries:

  1. Australia
  2. US
  3. UK
  4. Canada
  5. New Zealand

Sezzle, on the contrary, is available in the US and Canada right now. Both offer iOS and Android apps for easier access. The Afterpay app also enables generating a barcode or an Afterpay card to shop in-store.

There is also a difference between the number of stores supporting both. Afterpay is supported by over 43,000 retailers worldwide, according to eMarketer. Sezzle, in comparison, is offered by over 34,000 stores across both countries.

Signing up

Afterpay and Sezzle Sign Up Process
Afterpay and Sezzle Sign Up Process

Starting with Afterpay, you need a few things to get started. Here is the list:

  1. Email address
  2. Phone number
  3. Date of birth
  4. Credit, debit card or a bank account
  5. Valid ID (requires in some locations)

Once you have provided those details, Afterpay charges a small amount to verify the payment method. However, the company does not check the credit score while signing up.

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Sezzle, similar to Afterpay, asks for a few things before offering the purchase limit. First, you provide your email, phone number, date of birth and PIN. The payment method (bank account, credit, or debit card) is added later as a further verification process.

As for credit checks, Sezzle does a soft credit check before offering a spending limit.

How do both work?

How Buy Now Pay Later Services Work

Let’s cover how both work in Afterpay vs. Sezzle article. As mentioned in the quick comparison, you can use Afterpay online and in-store.


How to use Afterpay

Online: You can search a store on the Afterpay website or in the app. On the checkout page, the Afterpay option is visible. Clicking on the button goes to the Afterpay website prompting you to sign in. After that process, the store gets your account data, and after a couple of messages, you are ready to pay.

In-store: Afterpay offers two options to pay in-store. The old fashioned way is to generate a barcode in the app and show it to the store staff. The second option is generating an Afterpay card and saving it to Google Pay or Apple Pay. The card will be saved until you delete it, but you will have to go to the app and re-activate the card before using it.

One common thing with Afterpay is charging the first instalment right away until you don’t have many purchases. Once you use Afterpay a few times, your first payment is charged two weeks after the purchase, giving you 8 weeks to pay.

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You can Sezzle online and in-store.

Online: The app works like Afterpay, where you find a supported store and select Sezzle at the checkout. You must sign in with your Sezzle account to complete the necessary steps before paying.

In-store: The company offers a virtual card to add to Google Pay and Apple Pay to pay. You might need to use Sezzle a few times to be eligible, and the card limit is usually different from the maximum limit. You can use the card in-store and even online.


Afterpay vs Sezzle Limit
Afterpay and Sezzle Limits

Starting with Afterpay, you get around $500 in the beginning. Depending on your location, it might be different. However, as you shop more, the limit automatically increases.

Afterpay does not send an email to notify you of the limit increase, but you can open the app to check your current limit. The maximum limit you can get with Afterpay is $2000.

Sezzle, in contrast, offers around $200 initially, but just like Afterpay, the limit increase as you go. The company offers up to $2500 to spend.

Late fees

Afterpay vs Sezzle Late Fees
Afterpay vs Sezzle Late Fees

Late fee is one of the money-making approaches for both. Afterpay charges a $10 late fee in Australia if the order value is less than $40. The fee switches to 25% of the instalment if the order is above $40. The late fee gives you additional seven days to pay. If you cannot clear the payment next week, you are charged an additional $7.

Sezzle gives you two additional days to pay the fortnightly payment, but if you don’t make a payment, you are charged $10 in the US, and your account is de-activated until it comes back to good standing.

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Risks involved

Risks of Using Buy Now, Pay Later Services
Risks of Using Buy Now, Pay Later Services

As Afterpay does not run credit checks, they are not aware whether their customers have enough money to pay back.

Furthermore, buy Now and Pay Later companies are both attractive and risky. They are attractive because of the convenient and free of charge services that they offer. Nevertheless, it also brings risks to people who might overspend and buy things that they can’t afford to pay on time.

Which one is for you?

So, the whole comparison breaks down into stores, shopping types, and countries. First, if most of your favourite stores offer one but not the other, then you should go with that. Secondly, if you like to have an in-store option, Afterpay is the one to select. Finally, if only one is available in your nation, you don’t have any other choice.

Afterpay vs. Sezzle: What’s next?

The next thing is to sign up for your chosen service. The buttons below take you to the signup page. Please note that the Afterpay button is a referral link.

The bottom line

The buy now and pay later era has just started, and there is no sign of it settling down. So, why not enjoy the ride while it lasts. Anyway, I hope the comparison: Afterpay vs. Sezzle helped to decide the ideal service. Let me know your views in the comments and share the post with others to help them decide.

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