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  • Canva Magic Write vs. ChatGPT
    Since the release of ChatGPT, many companies have introduced their AI chatbots. Canva is one of them. The company introduced Canva Docs and their new … Read more
  • Notion AI vs. ChatGPT
    ChatGPT has been available since November, showing the possibilities of AI. Notion also considered AI last year, and it’s available as an add-on. Its popularity … Read more
  • Google Jamboard vs. Miro
    With more work being done remotely, it is important for teams to collaborate effectively. To make it simpler to connect, we explored two common collaboration … Read more
  • Microsoft Loop vs. Notion
    The so-called Notion’s end, Microsoft Loop, has kept us in the loop for over a year. Yet there is no official release date from Microsoft. … Read more
  • Evmux vs. StreamYard
    Evmux and StramYard are web-based live-streaming platforms. Although both serve the same objective, there are differences. This Evmux vs. StreamYard article is all you need … Read more

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